Age of Gods Reaches Long-Awaited Launch Stage

Age of Gods is an NFT card game with battle and PvE mode, and upgradable five-character teams.
  • Age of Gods offers AOG staking and NFT trading.
  • Game is available with downloadable desktop version.
  • Age of Gods reports 450K players in waiting list.

Age of Gods aims to become the next-generation NFT card game. The project released a MVP version available for desktop, an early preview into the game’s universe. 

The game is now building up its user base of accounts, adding the usual Web2 layer in addition to its NFT and tokenization elements. Even at this early stage, Age of Gods has released its AOG token, making used of the decentralized trading ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

What is the Utility of AOG

Even before the game launch, Age of Gods built up its ecosystem based on NFT trading and staking. This turned the project into a resemblance of a DeFi platform while waiting for the game to arrive. 

AOG has been trading since February, and as with other gaming tokens has relatively low liquidity. One of the functions of AOG is to be used within the game’s native marketplace to trade the NFT cards. The items are also listed on NFTrade as a verified collection.

AOG currently trades at $0.06, down from an early peak at above $1. As with other gaming assets, AOG relies on Gate.IO and PancakeSwap.

Will Age of Gods Attract Players

Age of Gods claims it has a 450K player base on its waiting list, signing up during the pre-game period. Age of Gods is also a game created by an experienced game studio, with more than 250 other games created. 

The game also has a dedicated team on the crypto side, aiming to popularize the token and drive liquidity and adoption. AOG will remain a volatile asset, which has still not been tested as an in-game token. 

The game will have built-in scarcity and will require work and reinvestment to create a viable five-character team. Buying an NFT will be essential for upgrades, which can lead the player to the endgame of PvE mode, as well as to more competitive participation in tournaments.

Age of Gods is also partner to, offering an easier way to upload funds and swap crypto assets for in-game usage.

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