Angels Creed Live BSC Game Prepares for Next Weekly Campaign

Angels Creed offers PvE matches with rented or owned NFT Angels, as well as weekly tournament events with NFT prizes.
  • Angels Creed offers a classic browser-based P2E game.
  • Based on BSC, the game is tokenized with ANGEL, offering staking and liquidity farming.
  • Angels Creed holds regular events to earn tokens and NFT.

Angels Creed is a recently trending game, now offering weekly open tournaments with prizes. Angels Creed is also a tokenized game with staking, with ANGEL assets given away in airdrops and special campaigns. 

Angels Creed is one of the classic play-to-earn games, which has survived the bear market and is now expanding into Web3 space. The game has built an economy around its Angel NFT and the ANGEL token, which is used to hire the characters, or upgrade them in the course of the game. ANGEL can be bought on exchanges after a series of listings and partnerships, but can also be earned from the game. 

Staking and GameFi are a priority for the game, though even without the GameFi aspect, Angels Creed aims to build a fun gaming experience. 

Angels Creed Offers NFT-Powered Browser Game

Angels Creed has taken the approach of older P2E games, offering a browser-based product. The game also requires an external wallet and connecting to its NFT and ANGEL token features to start playing the PvE version. 

The PvE gains its activity from the regular tournament events and leaderboards. The game’s value also depends on liquidity providers, which lock up ANGEL and BNB to support the market price on decentralized exchanges. 

Angels Creed is a game currently aiming to remain relevant and expand its presence through giveaways and partnerships. The main game token is held in close to 6,000 addresses, and the game is an opportunity for earning tokens with no significant initial investment. 

The current weekly tournament also offers the opportunity to earn NFT from the game, with another day to join Angels Creed for this competitive session. 

Angels Creed also holds regular token burns to decrease supply and boost value. Additionally, the game is a good source of partnerships, offering regular events with NFT or token giveaways, as well as onboarding into additional Web3 games. The boost of Angels Creed shows that even older P2E games can remain sustainable and build up a base of players and token stakers.

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