Beyond Earth Metaverse Tournament Weekend Still Open

Beyond Earth Meta will continue its current tournament over the weekend.
  • Beyond Earth Metaverse offers a rich world of buildings, accessories, as well as missions and battles.
  • The game is fully live to experience for free, with tokenized rewards.
  • Beyond Earth Metaverse has deflationary NFT with fusion to decrease supply.

Beyond Earth Metaverse is a recently trending MMORPG with metaverse elements. The game is fully live and offers a running tournament until December 12. The game has already build most of its mechanics and trading functionalities, adding them to the tournament mix. 

Beyond Earth Metaverse is fully live now, offering a mix of experiences. Players can choose to battle, defend, loot or explore the world, while playing as one of the many races and factions. Plot owners can build their own venues and challenges.

The game is also adding a limited edition Christmas boss, the Krampus, which will drop Santa hats and other prizes. Beyond Earth is build in a futuristic cityscape, riddled with monsters and mini-bosses. Beyond Earth Metaverse adds another high-profile, complex 3D game with the potential to become a prominent Web3 project.

Beyond Earth Metaverse has already completed its land sale. The project is unique for its highly developed urban landscape, with multiple items and decorations. It stands out as a game of true building creativity, with a realistic urban style, special seasonal editions and the possibility to build skyscrapers.

All creations and constructions in the open world are visible in real time. The game’s economy is powered by the BEO token. 

Beyond Earth Metaverse Offers Deflationary NFT

All BEO characters have been sold out, and their supply will be fixed. BEO Characters, which are robotic, animalistic or in other ways uncommon, can also be fused together. This makes the NFT deflationary, as it constantly diminishes the supply. Unlike breeding games, BEO owner by players will grow in value and scarcity.

All BEO character owners can also hold to receive additional perks over the game’s lifetime. 

BEO Token Distribution Coming Soon

The BEO token will be used to pay all expenses and upgrades. The game is worth watching for the potential upcoming second distribution of BEO tokens. The asset does not guarantee earnings, but it turns the game into a play-to-own and offers rewards for engagement.

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