Era7: Game of Truth Updates Q1 Roadmap – What’s Coming in the Top P2E Game

Era 7: Game of Truth will improve its NFT management in the coming updates.
  • Era 7 remains a top 5 Binance Smart Chain Game.
  • The team plans to add the game to more platforms for wider adoption.
  • Quarterly tournaments, small events and a World Cup expected in 2023.

Era7: Game of Truth is a game often present in the top 10 of P2E hubs, due to its high-level usage of blockchain records. The game is the 15th busiest based on DappRadar data as of January 18, and in the top 5 of Binance Smart Chain games

Era 7 also presented its plans for the next few months, developing its battle RPG with more community building.

Currently, Era 7 has become successful among crypto games with tokenization and NFT. In Q1, however, the game will try to expand its adoption among traditional gamers. The goal is to reach out to distribution platforms and boost active player count. Era 7 already locked in more than 100K downloads on its Android app with success in the casual battle and multiplayer game mode.

Era 7 relies on a model that has proven successful for multiple games. Its cartoonish 3D playable heroes and monsters make a standoff against each other, on a nine-field grid. The game’s goal is to use special powers and strategies to defeat the enemy first, based on each character’s statistics.

A similar model of a turns-based strategy has proven successful for new games like TimeShuffle, TaleCraft and others. 

What’s Coming for Era 7 in 2023

In 2023, Era 7 also plans to diversify its tournament system with multiple events. Diamond Tournament will happen every three months, while smaller events will be held in between. The game will retain its annual World Cup tournament.

Despite the relatively low fees on BSC, Era 7 will also explore new blockchain solutions to make participation even more seamless and with negligible fees or free transactions. For this reason, Era 7 will explore L2 solutions to its blockchain activity, which remains significant at more than 15K daily interactions with its smart contracts.

The game will also try to improve its NFT management tools, as its playable characters and skill cards need to be called to the game often. The game also requires some token usage, though ERA has continued its price slide down to $0.05.

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