Evermoon Now Out in Alpha, Bug Bounty Launched

Evermoon will release its beta in early 2023, while waiting for an upgraded final version until the latter half of the year.
  • Evermoon is opening for the entire Southeast Asian region with a dedicated server.
  • The game offers a basic gameplay, but is still not fully tokenized, IGO coming soon.
  • Evermoon is a MOBA with 5V5 battle mode and leaderboards.

Evermoon is a newly launched game in the alpha stage, now reaching out to its community. The game launched this December 9, later also calling for submissions to its new bug bounty program. 


Evermoon started with a limited launch for Southeast Asia, offering a dynamic free-to-play game with a 5V5 team-base. Since its launch, Evermoon accrued 10K downloads on Google Play even with its geo-limited reach. Weeks after its launch, Evermoon expanded its reach to the whole Southeast Asian region.

Evermoon is a dynamic game that may have success retaining players in its five-lane defense activity. Players must use their best skills and weapons against obstacles, enemies and game bosses.

What Makes Evermoon Stand Out

Evermoon released its high-grade demo, showcasing a fast-paced game of skill. Players go out solo or team up to defeat bosses. 

All Evermoon playable characters can be collected and owned as NFT, though the game starts out for free. Currently, Evermoon is also offering a starter of EVM balance for social media tasks. The game has immediate tokenization options, adding a competitive edge to the quests. 

The current game will start with six playable heroes and multiple in-game items. The battle mode is ready, along with a basic leaderboard challenge. The main features of Evermoon are active, including new account creation. The game will run on a dedicated server for Southeast Asia. Evermoon is one of the games unique for launching a public alpha, where an open game will be used for feedback. 

The game will have Evermoon (EVM) limited supply tokens, as well as an in-game asset, Everstone, with an unlimited supply. EVM will be used for staking, while Everstone will be used for all in-game fees, such as tournament participation. In the near future, Evermoon will also try funding through an IGO sale.

The game’s NFT marketplace will arrive in Q1, around the time the beta version is planned. The full game is set to release in the later part of 2023, with an added burn and build synthesis mechanism that uses existing NFT to produce higher-grade items.

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