Express Protocol Adds Physical-Digital NFT Mix

Pandora Protocol aims for expanding NFT to a wider selection of businesses, with asset-backed and phygital items.
  • Express Protocol offers fast-track delivery of NFT marketplaces.
  • Pandora Finance aims to expand its services to developer teams and Web2 businesses.
  • New toolset allows for phygital or asset-backed NFT generation and resale.

Express Protocol by Pandora is a hub for Web2 developers who want to seamlessly add NFT to their projects. Express Protocol is now focusing on phygital items, or collections that cross over NFT images with real-world collectibles.

Express Protocol also works on NFT interoperability, and the ability to bring different collections into a consolidated marketplace. For now, Ethereum-based NFT remain the most consolidated, with others requiring niche markets or special wallets. Express Protocol aims to make cross-chain listings and niche collections more agile, as well as encourage the building of new marketplaces.

Express Protocol Drives Engagement with Phygital NFT

The NFT market is highly dynamic, and interest fluctuates over time. NFT flipping is just one way of benefitting from blockchain-based items. The Express Protocol approach aims to drive brand loyalty and build engagement with one specific collection. Express Protocol moves beyond brand merch, and into luxury brands that can also choose to add NFT verification to their items. 

Express Protocol targets both marketplace developers, and brands that want to add to their presence through NFT. 

The tools of Express Protocol go beyond a single collection, and allow the creation of NFT-based economies with entire marketplaces. The potential for NFT also extends to goods such as automobiles and fashion, as well as for healthcare products.

Pandora Finance Expands Ecosystem

Pandora Finance, the parent project of Express Protocol, is also reviving the idea of asset-backed NFT, whose value is derived from real-world goods.

The available RPC and SDK from Express Protocol will be only part of the features available through the Pandora Finance ecosystem. In the past two months, Pandora Finance gave signs of rapid development tied to Express Protocol and the Aconomy.

Pandora Finance is working on a decentralized exchange for physical NFT, and has built the main smart contracts for Aconomy. In addition to building resources, Pandora Protocol is also rewarding developers and community participants that help grow the ecosystem. PNDR tokens are also gaining popularity and are used as a reward mechanism within Pandora Finance.

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