FantaVerse: The Game that Wants to Build a Universal Token

The FantaVerse will be a multi-device game with free world creation and potential for mini-games and events.
  • FantaVerse is a downloadable game with early token distribution.
  • UT, or Universal Token, may have wider uses in a Web3 ecosystem.
  • FantaVerse is a gameplay-first Web3 project.

FantaVerse aims to build an endless open world with a space theme, and become one of the significant Web3 places. For that reason, FantaVerse is now in its beta stage when it comes to building the game. The goal is to also create Universal Token as both an in-game resource, and as a cross-game, DeFi token. 

Currently, UT is key to topping up game balances and gaining advantage.

FantaVerse will aim to build an open world, with multiple ways for players to contribute to the economy. For governance and staking, FTC, or FantaCoin, will be used. But UT will be the real economic engine, where the supply and turnover will be determined by players. 

FantaVerse now has a year-long history as a game in development, and its tokens may start to gain traction. The game is offering a downloadable Beta version, as well as a marketplace for Heroes and metaverse terrains, which uses FTC pricing. 

Both UT and FTC are yet to gain price discovery. For now, the tokens are used within the ecosystem, and earned in the early beta. FantaVerse is thus a chance to start early in the game, possibly earning rewards to buy NFT and advance in the metaverse. 

FantaVerse is highly accessible and is part of Binance Smart Chain, and its tokens may appear on the BSC decentralized trading ecosystem. UT is now held in 2,544 addresses, though with limited transfers. 

FantaVerse is a Web3 Project with Game-First Approach

The FantaVerse is still focusing on the gameplay, while remaining slower in the distribution of its tokens. Once completed, the metaverse will be compatible with multiple devices, including as a browser game, as well as a VR device game.

FantaVerse will offer a complex metaverse where players can also use a world editor and create their own spots of the economy. Other metaverses also host mini-games, experiences and exclusive events, as in the case of The Sandbox or the VulcanVerse with its new metaverse as a service. FantaVerse is yet another growing project to watch at the end of 2022, trying to balance tokenomics and traditional game appeal.

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