Gala Games Review – Don’t Miss This Growing Blockchain Gaming Hub 

Gala Games is one of the most promising Ethereum-based play to earn projects. GALA is traded on Coinbase and targets a wide audience of players and investors.

Gala Games is a must-watch blockchain project that is well ahead with game development. The GALA token is making new all-time highs in the past few days, for a notable two-month growth. GALA is a testimony to the growth potential of play to earn, boosting its token from $0.001 to nearly $0.40 in November 2021. 

The Gala Games currently runs with an Ethereum-based token, requiring the usual gas fees. But in the future, the games and items will migrate to a new blockchain, allowing for more speed and lower costs.

Gala Games Ready to Play

The Gala Games project is ready to go with two active games and three more in development. Town Stars, a sandbox type game, and Spider Tanks, a PVP brawler, are both ready for playing and offer token-based earnings.

Town Stars, from the creators of Farmville and Zynga, is already open for those that have a Gala Games account. 

Both games offer play to earn opportunities through reward tokens, as well as through the NFT market. The Town Stars game already has a TOWN token, which is starting to gain exchange listings.

Spider Tanks is yet to appear as a complete game and launch its native fungible asset. But as of November 2021, Spider Tanks NFT items are available on the Gala Games marketplace. 

Once again, access to those items and in-game transactions will be fast and free, but for moving the actual GALA and TOWN tokens, a wallet will be needed, as well as some ETH tokens to pay gas fees. 

Gala Games Community: All About the Experience

The Gala Games Discord server has gathered more than 78,000 accounts as of November 2021. The Gala Games Twitter has more than 119K followers. Based on September reports, Town Stars has attracted more and more players since its launch, reaching 1,500 active players around September 25, 2021. With the growing popularity of the project, that number may increase.

The project’s social media is mostly directed toward the experience and gameplay. Despite the market success of the GALA token, discussions on trading and short-term price action are discouraged. 

As with other communities, Gala Games issued a warning on unsolicited contacts on behalf of the team. Gala Games will not reach out with direct messages, making it easier to single out attempts to glean the keys to a wallet. 

Who is Behind Gala Games

Zynga’s co-founder, Eric Schiermeyer, stands as the CEO of Gala Games. Gala Games has a 77-strong full stack team dealing with development and marketing, busy on the pipeline of upcoming games. 

Gala Games was founded in early 2018, and has not rushed to introduce a token immediately, instead focusing on Schiermeyer’s approach to aggressive growth and development. This is one of the reasons why the game platform is ahead of its competitors that drop tokens first, but may take months and years to complete their game development.

Gala Games itself is an investor company, supporting Concept Art House as of October 2021. On its side, Concept Art House will bring in expertise and artists to build the upcoming gaming and play to earn ecosystem.

On the receiving side, Gala Games was selected to partake into a $100M accelerator fund for Binance Smart Chain creators. Despite the fact that Gala Games uses Ethereum and not BSC, the unannounced funding will also go toward the upcoming new Gala blockchain and further game development.

What Makes the Gala Games Ecosystem Unique

The mission of Gala Games was to make the involvement of blockchain almost seamless and unnoticeable. This is one of the reasons why the GALA token was not distributed in a token sale, be it an ICO or an IGO. 

Instead, GALA earnings are tied up with the gameplay and the growth of the actual gaming world. Beyond merely playing, those interested in Gala Games growth can also purchase access to running a node. The distributed nodes help preserve items, while also rewarding the operators with new GALA tokens. Nodes are a way to ensure the preservation of creative content, as the game team cannot centrally control the items or remove them. Running a node is quickly becoming more expensive, at above 105,000 GALA asking price.

Gala Games is also unique for being up and ready for the play to earn rush. Some of the games may be open for a simpler free to play experience, but may also be integrated with new pathways to earn digital asset rewards.

How to Make Money With Gala Games

Gala Games has already produced the GALA token as an entryway to buying basic NFTs and other in-game items. Additionally, the Town Stars token has been active since the end of October. TOWN is given as a reward for daily activity on the game, and extends the gaming experience. TOWN is already growing its liquidity after a listing on OKEx, one of the largest exchanges catering to Asian traders. The TOWN token has released only 28M in circulation out of a max supply of 100B tokens once the game spreads far enough. TOWN still has less than 2,500 active wallets and is just beginning to find its footing as a reward and a currency inside the Town Stars game. 

TOWN is also available on the Uniswap algorithmic trading DEX, and can be used in liquidity mining by being locked into a liquidity pair. TOWN is already the native token to acquire the whole range of in-game items.

The Gala Games ecosystem may introduce new tokens and NFTs in the future as more games are released. Spider Tanks is expected by the end of 2021, and may build up the Gala Games token ecosystem. Currently, Spider Tanks hinges on NFT shopping as potential players build up their in-game models for the brawl universe. 

How to Acquire Game Assets

Having a completed Gala Games profile, it is possible to use MetaMask and other Ethereum-compatible wallets to buy NFTs and some of the GALA and TOWN native tokens.

GALA is accessible through the Coinbase brokerage, and was recently added to Changelly, turning it into one of the most accessible digital tokens for play to earn. The assets can be bought for fiat and transferred to a MetaMask or Trust Wallet for acquiring in-game items. 

Gala Games NFT items already have a highly active market, with the most expensive item reaching $3M on its auction. However, on Opensea, Gala Games NFTs peak at 5.5 ETH.

Best Wallets for Gala Games

The final collection and type of wallets for Gala Games may change in the future. But for now, GALA and TOWN can be held in any Ethereum-compatible wallet. The game recommends Trust Wallet and MetaMask to connect with the currently available marketplace.

Overall Performance of Gala Games

Gala Games is one of the most solid play to earn projects, with immediately available in-browser game Town Stars and more headlines down the line. 

Play2Moon gave Gala Games 42/50 points based on our in-house scoring system. We will continue tracking and scoring the newly available games on their own merit, as they add more users and their tokens gain momentum.

Total Score
  • Team Information and Reliability
    5/5 Amazing
    Transparent fully staffed team.
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    More than 50,000 engaged posters.
  • Number of Players
    2/5 Bad
    1,000-2,000 verifiable players.
  • Art and Images
    4/5 Good
    Highest quality, in-house artist.
  • Secondary NFT Market/Resale
    5/5 Amazing
    Curated by Binance and present on prominent platforms.
  • Funding Sources
    4/5 Good
    Curated IGO and NFT listings.
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    Available for most browser plugin wallets.
  • Exchange Liquidity
    5/5 Amazing
    Present on most large exchanges, including Coinbase representation.
  • Token Rating
    3/5 Neutral
    Wide distribution, but with big wallets reserved for marketing.
  • Potential Returns/Rewards
    5/5 Amazing
    Game returns, NFT resale and potential positive price action.
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