HoneyWood Upgrades Version, New Partnership Offers Free Tokens

HoneyWood combines two of the most successful semi-idle game models with a Web3 element built on a unique blockchain.
  • HoneyWood brings a mix of simulated farming and Match-3 game similar to CandyCrush.
  • Players link their account to a wallet on HoneyWood mainnet, the game’s own blockchain.
  • HoneyWood offers both free access and paid tournaments with larger prizes.

HoneyWood is one of the simulated farming games that took off in late 2022. The game centers around honey production and ownership based on progress. This week, Honeywood also released its latest build, inviting more players to join its honey farming adventure. 


HoneyWood mixes semi-idle farming with match-3 mini-games similar to CandyCrush. The goal is to build a simple enough P2E game and appeal to highly active markets in countries where crypto games are already popular. The game targets players in Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines and other markets where simple P2E games had success.

HoneyWood also stands out for relying on a self-built blockchain known as the HoneyWood mainnet. The game reports as many as 58K player accounts at this stage, offering a live browser-based product. The Match-3 game also offers PvP mode, making HoneyWood suitable for tournaments. The farming gameplay and the Match-3 are interconnected, meaning players can earn items for their farms from the matching game. Additionally, they can gain advantage in the Match-3 by producing specific items in their farm. 

HoneyWood Forges Multiple Web3 Partherships

The project aims to integrate into the existing P2E ecosystem and join guilds and other platforms to reach more users. Players can join for free, or also participate in token buying rounds. 

The latest partnership of HoneyWood is with Opincur, offering the benefit of a starter pack of HoneyCoin. 


Opincur is a specialized app that focuses on wider adoption of available crypto investments and purchases. Now, the organization is adding benefits for old and new players. 

HoneyWood uses a double-coin model, with HoneyWood Coin inside the game and the CONE token for voting, governance and staking. The game’s access to crypto features is tied to the native blockchain and a single player account.

Players can start the game for free and get matches for PvP to increase their rank. But to participate in tournaments, a fee in HoneyCoin is needed. Players can either buy HoneyCoin to try out competitive tournaments, or acquire the asset for selling in-game items. 

NFT also have a place in the game, as each player produces a new Bear avatar that is also the game’s main character. Players also need Bees and Plants, also existing as NFT.

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