Knight War Opens New Boss Fight Session

Knight War aims to make itself into a mix of idle game and add a metaverse element in the future.
  • Knight War: Holy Trio offers a mix of PvE, PvP and boss hunting missions.
  • The game has goals of spreading to multiple blockchains, Polygon coming next.
  • KWS and MRE will be the key tokens for governance, NFT resales and advancements.

Knight War: Holy Trio will hold a new session with special PvP battles and game boss events. The game is in beta, but has been open for weekly small-scale seasons with leaderboards.

In addition to the battle mode, Knight War will aim to bring an entire metaverse experience, along with the initial idle defense team. The game has been around the P2E scene for a year, and has already completed multiple seasons. The next step for Knight War would be a multi-chain presence, on BSC as well as Polygon

The game is yet another beta launch where the DappRadar data do not coincide with the off-chain activity. The game has more activity off-chain, and almost no usage for its smart contracts. Despite this, Knight War has made sure to add a Certik audit to its smart contract for security.

Knight War also has an NFT system centered on the type and qualities of weapons. The game aims to offer low-stakes NFT to match its idle game quality.

Knight War to Carry Two Important Tokens

The game has a two-token model, with Knight War Spirits (KWS) and Meteor Remnants Essence (MRE). KWS has a wider distribution to 5,699 addresses, with a valuation at $0.0011 on limited liquidity. MRE has around 671 wallets only, as most assets still remain inside the game. MRE is the gameplay token, with inflationary qualities and utility within the game. 

KWS is also essential for buying the in-game weapons, which have asking prices as high as 400 KWS. Currently, the game has just around 250 weapon items listed for resale. Mystery boxes retail for under $3, or around 2,500 KWS. MRE is still untraded, but may gain value in the future. Weapons are also craftable in the game, though this requires the gathering of the right resources and elements.

Knight War has also hinted at also adopting new blockchains – including Ethereum and Cardano. For now, the immediate addition may be Polygon. The new networks were intended to arrive for the end of 2022. But for now, the game’s assets and tokens have limited on-chain presence and usage.

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