Kryptomon Stirs Craze with Mystery Box Reveal

Kryptomon’s community was highly active, grabbing 1,500 NFT mystery boxes.
  • Kryptomon is still in alpha stage, but may become a promising game.
  • The physical and digital mix NFT collection sold out quickly despite relatively high price.
  • Kryptomon is one of the promising P2E features with a tradable token.

Kryptomon reached the stage where it brings more value to its NFT collections. Kryptomon did a mystery box reveal for a recent NFT sale, with some of the most rare items for the earliest buyers. 

The NFT sale held a relatively high price and was only limited to a handful of top wallets. The NFT sale was completed on September 9, selling out all of the NFT in the Kryptomon NFT Hunter Club collection. 

The NFT mystery boxes will contain a mix of digital items and physical branded merchandise. Each box will have a pack of Kryptomon characters and an in-game badge. The physical merch items can be shipped worldwide, joining the trend of Bored Ape Yacht Club to expand the Web3 brand. 

The mystery boxes can be resold, with all the physical items, before being redeemed. Those that want to receive the physical package can do this on the Kryptomon marketplace. Binance aims to avoid speculation and wash trading to artificially inflate the value of the NFT. 

The Kryptomon sale was extremely successful given the high price, with hopes for rare items. Kryptomon is a fully functioning game similar to Axie Infinity, though with a smaller player count. Currently, Kryptomon invites a few dozen players, with a peak of a few hundred. 

Kryptomon Mixes CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity Features

The Kryptomon game is still in the early alpha stage, though its NFT collections and sales have preceded the game launches. Kryptomon NFT are mostly appearing in the game’s native marketplace, with only a few listings on OpenSea. Kryptomon creatures sell for between 0.1 and 1 BNB depending on rarity and feature. 

The game combines the genetic feature idea first seen in Crypto Kitties NFT, with battle features that make Kryptomon similar to Axies. Like CryptoKitties, early generation Kryptomon are more rare and valuable.

Kryptomon also carries the KMON token, one of the older P2E crypto assets. KMON started trading at the end of 2021, peaking at $0.20. Now, KMON is at $0.01, discovering its price on Gate.IO and ByBit. KMON is key to buying Kryptomon NFT creatures to play.

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