Metarrior Joins List of Growth Web3 Games

Metarrior aims to reach a wider audience and turn into a competitive RPG with five modes of playing.
  • Metarrior offers multiple game modes, but the most dynamic one is a mix of arena battle and match-3.
  • The game is trying to expand its user base for more exciting PvP and tournament potential.
  • Players need to level up to earn more significant prizes and tokens.

Metarrior is a newly trending game, which aims to move from Web2 into Web3 seamlessly. Metarrior uses successful free-to-play models, mixing Candy Crush match-3 game with strategic arena battles. 

Metarrior is skill-to-earn, with the goal of advancing players to a higher tier to gain rewards. In addition to the basic reward model, Metarrior is also running a series of mini-competitions, events and referral programs with special prizes.

Winners of the mini-challenges earn MEWA tokens and various tiers of mystery boxes. 

What Makes Metarrior Stand Out

Metarrior offers a semi-idle battle where a team of five characters battles another team. In this aspect, the game resembles similar tower defenses and standoffs, such as TimeShuffle or even Axie Infinity. 

But the attack selection has a different choice mechanism. In most games, players select skill cards to complete the attacks. In Metarrior, players go through a quick match-3 challenge and depending on their result, they get a boost and a chance to use additional attacks. The teams have only a few seconds to make a decision on the match-3 puzzle.

A similar model has been used in Moniwar, where the battle and the matching game make the overall experience more fast-paced. Match-3 games are also a stable of Web2 and offer smoother onboarding to new players, for those that are not ready to dedicate time to collecting attack cards.

Additionally, the game offers Campaign, Expedition and Treasure hunt, which are modes for using the playable characters to extract resources and tokens. The two battle modes include arena PvP battles and Tower of Time, where players face off against game bosses and legal up.

Metarrior also relies on boosting its player count to be able to offer a more exciting experience, built around the PvP matches. Currently, the game has onboarded more than 1K players with its mobile app on Android, and is also available on other devices and as a browser game.

Players can rent their NFT while also holding them safely in their wallet, as the game has introduced a two-tier usage ecosystem that gives control of an NFT avatar, but without a blockchain transaction.

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