MTB Token Sale for Etna Gaming Ecosystem: Six Days to Go on 0xPad

Etna Network makes first foray in play to earn with Metabolism (MTB) token sale for upcoming games.

A new gaming token is making its premiere on the 0xPad launch site, boosting the Etna play to earn gaming ecosystem. MTB token is sold for Binance USD (BUSD), raising more than $138,000 in notional value just a day after the sale opened. 

The remaining time for the sale is six days and six hours and counting down, with the goal of selling 5M MTB tokens at 0.0001 BUSD. 

To participate, like with other launchpad sales, potential buyers need to hold some 0xPad tokens.

Both BUSD and 0xPad (OXPAD) tokens are on PancakeSwap. A launchpad adds an additional step to participation in new token sales, but also works for a fair distribution. Buying OXPAD tokens at the last moment, without staking them with 0xPad protocol, will entitle buyers to only 2000 BUSD purchase of MTB tokens.

When Will MTB Token Trade

MTB token can have an immediate listing on PancakeSwap, and this is expected right after the sale ends on February 8. Afterward, early buyers will receive 50% of the allocated tokens, with the rest unlocked in the coming months.

MTB tokens can be used for liquidity mining, by providing both tokens for a PancakeSwap pair. Once Etna launches its game, MTB will have additional functions. 

Within the game, MTB will be used as a reward which can be traded, or as an asset to upgrade heroes, boost their energy level or earn rare items. 

Are Launchpad IDOs Risky

Launchpads use a membership model to offer exclusive or early deals on play to earn tokens. Owning native launchpad tokens can have inherent risks, so it is best to research each platform before committing to membership. 

What is Etna Network

Etna Network carries the ETNA multi-chain token, compatible with BSC and Polygon networks. ETNA is, for now, mostly traded on PancakeSwap, where it is yet to attract higher liquidity. 

Etna Network has the ambition of branching out into play to earn projects, adding value to its token in 2022. MTB is one of the first drives in that direction. Etna Network aims to link gaming and DeFi, also offering a multi-asset wallet with NFT functionalities.

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