Neoland Challenge Now Open, Free Mints Coming Soon

Builder mode and land monetization will arrive on Neoland in 2023.
  • Neoland aims for wider appeal, offering an upcoming free mint.
  • The game continues to develop on Solana and aims to boost the network’s credibility.
  • Neopolis is an already freely available metaverse location.

Neoland is a metaverse-style game with challenges, which recently opened a series of challenges. The game is free to start, with the potential to earn valuable items. Multiple quests are open, as a tool to start building up the Neoland player base.

The game is also available for download and is totally free-to-play. However, players also have the option of owning items. 

Neoland Goes for Free Mint

Neoland, like other newly launching games, reached its one-year milestone. The game decided to build on the Solana blockchain, which has been affected by the fallout of the FTX exchange. The blockchain itself is not compromised, but some of the Solana assets have been frozen or are less liquid. 

For that reason, Neoland is adding more appeal to its land pass mint by offering the items for free.  For US-based buyers, the items will be available in early December.

The land will be part of Neopolis, a metaverse that will host challenge games. Currently, Neopolis is open for a free experience and reports a community of up to 150K players. 

Land owners have the task of decorating their land and organizing events. Based on the in-game activity, land owners can also earn a passive income. Neopolis already has 10,000 Land Plots, and aims to work as a blockchain-based digital Monopoly. The more buildings and events, the higher the income. 

Land rewards will start arriving in early 2023, along with the full customization capabilities in Builder Mode. Buildings within the game will also have changing looks via customizable skins. To earn new skins, players can complete quests, or buy them off the marketplace. Some of the skins will also arrive as airdrops. 

Neoland will also be tokenized, with NLAND being the main voting and staking token with a supply of 100M. NCOIN will be the no-cap token that will circulate around the game economy and be used for skins, upgrades, events and marketplace trading. NCOIN will also be distributed to land owners for simply holding their plots.

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