Nomad Exiles: Why This Game is Played More than Axie Infinity

Nomad Exiles prepares a series of token sales on IGO platforms, balancing its token ahead of a P2E launch by the end of Q2.

The daily player count of Nomad Exiles reached above that of Axie Infinity, as the game had a sudden spike in visits. One of the reasons for the popularity is that the game is also available for free-to-play and can attract new curious players without upfront crypto or NFT investments.

Nomad Exiles has the advantage of multiple releases already available on Apple Store, Google Play, as well as a web and desktop version. 

Nomad Exiles saw its usage spike just in time for its full launch as a token-based project with NFTs. The native crypto token, with a supply of 250M units, should arrive within weeks. The game is currently in its P2E balancing stage, and will draw in more traditional players before inviting NFT enthusiasts.

Nomad Exiles Token Sale in Whitelisting Stage

Until March 16, Nomad Exiles will prepare for a token sale round coming later this month. The IDO, or IGO, will happen in partnership with PlayPad.

The token, using the PRIDE ticker for the Pride Metaverse, will be offered with an initial price of $0.1 and the goal of raising just $150,000. At this point in the game, the addition of blockchain assets is only expanding the game-first approach. 

Early buyers will get 10% of their token allocation immediately, with the rest to be vested over a period of nine months. Nomad Exiles will thus try to avoid speculative usage of the PRIDE token, once exchange listings arrive by the end of Q2. 

The token sale will be limited for each participant to between 50 and 100 Binance USD (BUSD). The game will use Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a way to achieve lower fees. 

A parallel token sale will happen also through the Seedify platform.

Seedify is also hosting a giveaway of $50 in PRIDE tokens. Another token sale will happen through the Kommunitas platform, with 500 whitelist spots remaining. So far, Nomad Exiles has not shared a date for an NFT mint, but has promised that token-based items will be integrated into the game.

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