Pegaxy Releases Test Mobile App for iOS

Pegaxy is still in development, though there are calls to the team to re-tokenize the game or build a new one.
  • Pegaxy keeps only under 4K players per day, down 90% from peak levels.
  • Pega NFT lose value on over-production, color changes and features may add appeal.
  • VIS and PGX suffer from low liquidity, erasing in-game earnings.

Pegaxy has released one of its most long-awaited apps, with an iOS version available for testing. The version arrives months after releasing the mobile app for various tiers of Pega NFT owners.

The app will have a limited release with preview for 10K players. However, at its current stage, Pegaxy hardly draws in 4K players in 24 hours. Game activity has diminished, as some of the game’s perks are only available for early adopters with exclusive access, such as Founding Pega or exclusive early referral tokens. 

Fabled Tokens will start producing Crowned Pega after September 1, adding another sink for the over-produced VIS tokens. 

Pegaxy Spreads In-Game Perks

Pegaxy also posted details of its color-changing consumables, which offer a color change to existing Pega. The feature also contains rarity, with more rare color consumables offering a wider range of color changes.

Pega NFT are no longer as valuable, with even the rarest now not offering a significant resale value. Pega were devalued by large-scale breeding with not enough fusion, supporting more than 1.1M NFT items. 

VIS Erases Value in the Past Quarter

VIS, the in-game reward token, has lost value constantly in the past months. VIS is on track to lose another 90% of its market price, sliding from $0.0002 down to $0.00003 with a downward trend.

PGX has also fallen, from $0.03 down to $0.006, severely hurting the race rewards. This is one of the reasons for the appearance of Drop Races, which promise additional items instead of token rewards.

One of the problems for Pegaxy is that its assets depend on a limited liquidity pool. If no more liquidity provides appear and players and guilds sell rapidly, the game’s assets may lose all meaningful value. 

The liquidity pool is also insufficient in terms of the currently achieved VIS value, signaling the token may fall much lower.

There have been calls to discontinue the game and build a new retokenized game.

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