Petobots Opens Free Mint, Alpha Testing Coming Soon

Petobots is offering a free mint to onboard users. Generation 2 Petobots will be bred from Gen 1 using PBOT tokens.
  • Petobots will Mint First NFT, Alpha Passes for 2,000 early signups.
  • Petobots is getting ready to launch alpha tests soon.
  • The game will add staking and mini-games for PBOT and NFT owners, will remain free for other players.

Petobots is a new NFT-based game that will kick off with a free mint, one Bot per wallet to popularize the game. The mint is scheduled for March 16 and will be followed by alpha testing soon. Petobots is a Solana-based game and will mint on the Magic Eden marketplace.

The new mint will be available as an Alpha pass, onboarding the first 2,000 users. The game will distribute the mints to pre-listed wallets for the earliest adopters. New mints may be available in the future, with a pre-approval for wallets.

The Petobots event is part of the Magic Eden Mint Madness, bringing new projects and NFT with utility or collectible value. Magic Eden will also post a leaderboard for the most active traders in the collections released in March. 

In addition to the chance to get free NFT, Magic Eden will set aside 20,000 MATIC for the top 10 most active traders, with 4,500 MATIC going for the first prize. Additional mints may be added through Magic Eden social media channels.

Petobots Offers Distant Planet Resource Game

Petobots is set on the Xerathum planet in deep space, where remnants of civilization provide the backdrop for the animal mecha, or Petobots. Each Petobot, created after a living creature, specializes in different skills and has varying energy levels to complete tasks. Petobots can be walking, flying and a special Mythical class. 

First generation Petobots will be more rare, but will be used to breed the Second generation, with user input and decision on creating new NFT. The type of Petobot and PBOT token ownership will define which players have access to different aspects of the game. Staking will be open only for Gen 1 NFT owners.

PBOT tokens will be the main energy to breed Petobots, and they will also be needed to participate in mini-games and mini-tournaments. The Petobots will be compatible with the DeepMine economy and metaverse, opening new tools for engagement and earnings.

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