Pixels Online Releases Game Chapter One

Pixels Online has similarities to Sunflower Land, and will also use the Polygon blockchain.
  • Pixels Online released its first chapter, with Chapter 2 expected in early 2023.
  • The game offers a simulated farming experience with upgrades to buildings and new items.
  • NFT avatars from 50 collections can be imported to the game via MetaMask wallet.

Pixels Online is a simple game of building a metaverse home base and a farm, customizing them as the game progresses. This November, the game managed to launch its first playable installment, Chapter One. Pixels Online is part of the own-to-earn game type, rewarding players for the constructions they manage to create in the virtual world. 


The game will launch its Chapter 2, with more items and mechanics, around January 2023. 

Pixels Online will use the Polygon blockchain to lock in all assets and advancements. The game will have partial KYC for suspicious accounts, and will attempt to limit bots. 

What Makes Pixels Online Stand Out

The game is only a year old, and has managed to ship its main product, joining the ranks of playable Web3 games. 

Pixels Online offers a bird’s eye view of a complex city and field map. Players must work their way up from crops and resources to complex items. The game can be started with a free avatar and upgraded later. 

The game’s progress can be locked as NFT. Players must also have enough energy for mining, acquiring it from specific items in the game. Players also progress into more skillful professions, and can come across recipes for items, or blueprints for productive buildings. The more each player progresses, the more their farm can be customized. 

Pixels Online is a finished, open game, holding some similarities to Sunflower Land. The game has planting mechanics and stores to swap items, get tools or trade for other reasons with other players. 

Pixels Online will have two tokens, BERRY and PIXEL, with unlimited supply and different uses within the game. The value of the tokens may be low, as Pixel Online wants to put the game first.

Pixels Online Adds Multi-NFT Feature

Pixels Online wants to achieve interoperability and give value to the entire metaverse ecosystem. The game arrives after a boom of NFT collections with memorable art. Most of those cannot be used across other ecosystems. 

But Pixels Online can create playable avatars based on NFT character present in the player’s wallet. The game integrates a total of 50 collections and may add more in the future.

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