Polka City Metaverse Project Trends After Hotbit Exchange Listing

Polka City (POLC) adds liquidity with a recent listing on the Hotbit exchange.

Polka City, a complete metaverse and NFT platform, is rising to prominence and attention on recent updates. Polka City has gained a listing on the Hotbit Exchange, adding liquidity to its POLC native token. 

POLC trades with daily volumes around $6M, down from a peak near $50M at the end of 2021. POLC is still relatively depressed, down from peaks close to $2.50. POLC traded around $0.41, recovering from recent lows.

Hotbit is one of the up-and-coming exchanges for cryptocurrencies and tokens, hosting 100 trading pairs. Hotbit is also focused on providing liquidity and trading volumes for some of the top tokens and networks linked to P2E gaming. 

What is Polka City

Polka City is a full metaverse ecosystem, focusing on earnings through a native token and virtual asset ownership. Polka City aims to be a multi-chain platform, with a presence on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

The concept of Polka City centers around urban facilities, with virtual gas stations, services or taxis owned that can also gain extra income from metaverse activities.

POLC already has 12 listings on both major and small exchanges, with KuCoin being its largest market. POLC is also available on PancakeSwap, and can be exchanged through any wallet that can connect with the DEX with no pre-registration requirements.

What Comes Next for Polka City

Polka City has a completed metaverse dApp that connects to MetaMask wallet. In the coming weeks, the virtual space aims to add NFT art galleries and discos. Later, the game will add DeFi functions in the form of lending for POLC, ETH and BNB. 

The metaverse will soon host a business district of skyscrapers and offer new NFTs with earning potential. The goal is to allow more players to have their own builds and NFTs, which will be resold on an open market.

The Polka City metaverse has been audited by Certik, and has so far resolved any serious or minor issues discovered. 

Polka City assets are already available on OpenSea, with a floor price of 1.5 ETH and 1,200 ETH in turnover. The metaverse has minor assets with cosmetic function, and a floor price of 0.01 ETH.

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