Project Quantum Taps Lorenzo Avi for Game Director

Project Quantum (QBIT) aims to build an AAA-grade game with tokenized play to earn options.

Project Quantum, the team behind the upcoming game Unreal 5, has tapped Lorenzo Avi, a veteran of the gaming industry. Avi has worked with giants Atari and Ubisoft, and now continues the trend of bringing gaming talent to the newly rising play to earn industry.

Project Quantum joins the Shiba Inu project in adding an experienced game director. Shiba Games will use the expertise of gaming studio veteran William Volk.

Project Quantum aims to build an AAA-grade first-person shooter game, complete with play to earn mechanics. The project differs from most startups in the effort and quality of the game, including the Unreal Engine capabilities. 

The game is being extensively tested, with the potential for multiplayer mode. This release may mark one of the highest-quality games in the play to earn space. 

Project Quantum Brings Corporate Play to Earn

Quantum Group DMCC was incorporated in Dubai and will be one of the few play to earn startups with a known corporate structure and location. 

Quantum Group has a long experience in exposing investors to MENA-region businesses with consulting and growth and development services. Project Quantum is just one of the branches for the group, established back in 2009. The Project Quantum development and management team will also make use of Dubai’s open cryptocurrency regulations.

What is QBIT Token

At the same time, Project Quantum has already launched the QBIT game token, based on Binance Smart Chain. 

QBIT has traded since the second quarter of 2021, choosing the model of a sub-penny price. Currently, QBIT is in the range of $0.0002, about 50% down from its peak in November. 

Like similar assets, QBIT managed a 100-fold climb, while Project Quantum increased the asset’s popularity through community engagement.

QBIT is available on limited trading pairs, and still has almost rock-bottom volumes compared to other play to earn tokens. The chief reason for this is low daily volumes, just around $220K. QBIT depends on a single PancakeSwap decentralized pair against Wrapped BNB (WBNB).

On the bright side, Quantum Project is putting more focus on its game development, while still holding its token back. In the future, QBIT will be part of the Unreal 5 game ecosystem, but the team so far avoids overhyping its token price.

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