Puzziland Expands Portfolio with Biconomic Token Sale

Puzziland often sets social media challenges for extra rewards.
  • Puzziland plans for a new game version in April.
  • The Puzziland project will also serve as a hub for launching NFT collections.
  • The game offers tasks for early airdrops and special rewards.

Puzziland Biconomic is the Web3 game addition to the Puzziland project. In Puzziland, players can own NFT and increase their value by turning them into puzzles. Now, Puzziland reached the IDO stage for Biconomic, its economic token. 

In the first days of 2023, Puzziland completed its shortlisting for the Biconomic token presale, starting the process of distributing its main asset. 


This adds to the Puzziland value generation, where players can import any NFT and gamify it as a mini-puzzle. 

Puzziland Prepares for New Version

Puzziland has been running its MVP for about a year. The next playable version is expected in April, based on the roadmap. 

Biconomic BMB tokens will help turn the game into a sustainable source of both fun and earnings. The token will be key for buying tickets to daily challenges with prizes.

Token ownership will not have a goal of immediately cashing out. Instead, players will determine the course of the game and the opportunities depending on the amount of BMB they hold. 

Puzziland will also create liquidity and use cases by serving as a hub for other NFT collections. Instead of relying on external markets, new NFT collections can choose Puzziland for their launch, also allowing their art to be used within the games. 

Puzziland Offers NFT Airdrops

Puzziland currently offers a preview of its animation which leads to puzzle solutions. The game has also shown tools to be used for advertising purposes. Currently, Puzziland is redoubling its marketing records and is worth watching for opportunities to grab prizes or airdrops. Puzziland posts tasks on social media for additional earnings before the proper launch of the game’s second version.

In the future, players will be able to own NFT either by purchase or airdrop. They can make puzzles out of their NFT and offer simple or complex tasks. The opportunity for free NFT means anyone can sign up, though there may be requirements for holding BMB tokens. 

BMB tokens run on the Binance Smart Chain network, and can be held and accessed through MetaMask wallet.

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