Rise Online Offers Regular Mini-Tournaments, Whimsical Classic MMO

Rise Online offers a fully live game with regular short-term tournaments targeted at a tight-knit community.
  • Rise Online is an independent studio development, adding NFT to own in-game characters.
  • The game is mostly tailored to the Turkish NFT and gaming community, offering an old-style MMO.
  • Rise Online has a complex map and a character editor, with hack’n’slash action within missions.

Rise Online offers a classic-game look with P2E options and is now active with short-term tournaments. Rise Online has been in development for a long time, joining back in 2019 and running for most of the boom times of P2E games. The actual game started its first playable versions in Q2 2022, but the past few weeks saw the game rise in popularity. 

Rise Online is made by a Turkish production team, tapping the local interest in P2E as well as token-based earnings. 

What Makes Rise Online Stand Out

Rise Online is a classic-style MMO with point-and-move battle action. The game also features complex animations. 

Rise Online has a community that has leveled up as seen from the levels of available NFT, and a growing fandom. The game is complex, with a multi-element map, which some players may find confusing.

Compared to other P2E games, Rise Online has achieved a completely playable product, with a character designer lobby. Players must pick their team – human or orc, early in the game, and that decision is not revocable. Characters also pick classes such as Warrior, Rogue, Mage or Priest, with male and female versions. 

Rise Online Offers Free Play with Web3 Options

The goal of the game is to complete quests on the map and possibly upgrade the character. The playable character can be sold on the NFT market for the game’s native token, with high-level NFT clothing available as well. However, the NFT market is not a significant source of income, as it may take many months of play to upgrade a character for sale. 

On the positive side, Rise Online has a large community of fans with regular special events. It is also one of the few games showing that even small independent studios can build a completed product and lead to Web3 outreach. 

Rise Online may have boosted its popularity through its ROCO token, though some value has been lost in the bear market. For all its flaws, Rise Online is still free to play with the potential to upgrade and fully own one’s in-game character. At this point, spending too much on an NFT is not the best strategy, though it may take months to upgrade a character from scratch.

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