RON Token Goes Live in Axie Infinity Ecosystem

Ronin Network’s native token has launched and is available for swaps for AXS, SLP and WETH.

The long-awaited RON token, the native asset of the Ronin network, has been launched live. The Axie Infinity team announced the event, which may start the price discovery for RON. Until now, RON only traded on limited predictions as futures contracts before the actual token creation and distribution.

RON balances have been accrued in the past weeks, by staking SLP and providing liquidity on the Katana decentralized exchange. The Axie Infinity game has continued to shift its activity on the Ronin network. Most Axie assets can be bridged between Ethereum and Ronin, and back on Ethereum as needed, though fees apply. 

How to Claim RON

The RON token can be claimed for all users that participated in some form in the Axie Infinity game and in the Ronin blockchain activity.

RON rewards accrue every day for liquidity providers. Gaining RON is currently offering outsized rewards. Tokens to be locked for liquidity mining include AXS, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) on the Ronin blockchain

RON has no official pricing information. Based on decentralized swapping pairs, one WETH can be exchanged for around 623 RON, as the price may vary with time and liquidity conditions. 

Will RON Boost AXS Prices

SLP can also be swapped for RON, at a rate of around 30 RON per 10,000 SLP. In the past weeks, SLP was devalued toward 0.01, having Axie Infinity try to seek tools to prop the value of the token. RON will be used to pay fees on the Ronin network, though Axie owners will also accrue small amounts of RON to further decrease network use expenses.

The news of the RON launch is not affecting AXS yet. The asset traded around $49.45 after briefly touching $52.

RON can also be gained for owning Axies or metaverse land plots within the game. Recently, Axie Infinity updated the game, giving a boost to the statistics of the Dawn class characters, to make them more competitive and playable.

Axie Infinity will keep the updated rules and power balances in the next two competitive seasons.

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