Splinterlands: What Makes This Game Run Hot

Splinterlands is turning into the hottest game for early 2022, with the Chaos Legion airdrop arriving January 17.

Splinterlands has shown its mettle as one of the most active play to earn games in early 2022. The game reached nearly 300K players based on DappRadar data. At this point, it is uncertain if all players are real or if there may be bots involved. 


However, Splinterlands looks to be on track to become the leading game in play to earn, even displacing Axie Infinity (AXS) as the former leader. 

What Makes Splinterlands Hot

Splinterlands is attractive for its active rewards and the already usable SPS token. The game also gets a boost from campaign plays and tournaments, bringing together players for pooled rewards.

The Splinterlands team is active with marketing efforts, including regular fan art competitions. 


At the start of 2022, the SPS token is also gaining use cases, with the most widespread one to be staking. In the coming months, the project will also launch master nodes, a tool that can hold SPS for a long time. SPS is also a voting token, which may also further limit selling for immediate gains.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion Sale Coming

One of the big events in early 2021 will be the Chaos Legion game package and airdrop. The event is scheduled for January 17, offering direct purchase and the potential to gain bonus cards. 

Buying more packs increases the chance of receiving rare cards, with the odds of 1:350. The Chaos Legion presale has already distributed 1.5M packs to players.

SPS Price Prediction: Can Splintershards Break Out Again

SPS, the native token of the Splinterlands game, has been sliding along with the crypto market for the past few weeks. SPS traded around $0.15, on a constant sliding streak since October 2021, when it reached a peak near $0.90. 

SPS has lined up among tokens with highly active price performance, though short-term. SPS relies mostly on niche exchanges and decentralized trading. Gaining listings, similar to AXS, may lead to higher valuations. 

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