The Beacon Game: Dynamic Maze Quest with Founding Character Sale

The Beacon aims for a relatively simple nostalgic game with 2D pixel graphics, wallet and ETH required to access game.
  • The Beacon aims for wider adoption for early testers.
  • The game is already drawing in streamers for challenges.
  • The full version will arrive in months, NFT ownership is required to play.

The Beacon Game is offering a dynamic maze quest with battle elements, set with nostalgic 2D animation. The Beacon is also one of the trending Web3 games, in preparation for its character launch.

The game will offer a mix of free-to-play action RPG and the ability to collect limited edition NFT. After launching its preview alpha at the end of 2022, The Beacon is now set on expansion and partnerships. Now, The Beacon is part of the Treasure DAO game builders platform, which will help push the final version of the game. 

The support and recognition come after the vetting of the Beacon game team, which has managed to offer a product and go beyond NFT and GameFi. The game is also advanced enough to offer challenges and bring in streamers attempting to run through the dungeons for best scores. 

Additionally, The Beacon is represented on the Treasure game hub, where its collection of founding characters is also present. The characters are on sale now for MAGIC tokens, starting at around 17 MAGIC. A total of 45,180 characters are on the marketplace, anticipating the game’s full release.

But the Dungeons and the dynamig gameplay will not be the only game mode. Players will also need a founding character to start building their home base with in-game resources. This will turn The Beacon into a partial metaverse game.

The Beacon Aims for 2023 Full Version Launch

The full game economics has not set a date, but is expected sometime in 2023. The game also distributed pet eggs to assist the playable characters. Additionally, each player has a profile and a home base, as well as an inventory of body parts to alter the skin. Some players can add pets to their inventory. 

At this stage, the Beacon is still relatively inaccessible and requires crypto funds and a wallet. The MetaMask wallet must use the Arbitrum network, and the biggest obstacle is the need to deposit wrapped ETH compatible with this network. The limited features of the game will only be open to those that bought one of the characters listed on Treasure Trove.

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