Uland Adds Farms to the Game Resource Mix

Uland is based on the map of the real world, with resource acquisition and battles.
  • Uland is a game to watch for new types of land NFT and in-game additions.
  • Tokenization to expand with new asset in October, based on the roadmap.
  • ULAND trades at $0.002, used as a reward for land owners.

Uland is a virtual Earth game based on Binance Smart Chain, and its main gameplay is resource gathering. What is unique about Uland is that its map is derived from the real map of continents and countries, creating incentives to own interesting land plots. 

But owning is not the endgame, as players compete for resources. Recently, Uland hinted at adding farming as one of the tools to progress in the game. 

Uland recently celebrated its first year and now has a fully launched game, though still facing the challenges of a bear market. Uland was briefly highly popular during its land sale in Q2, 2022, but since then, the game attempts to draw attention by building and improving its product. The game team adds new playable items and features to make progress more appealing. 

Currently, Uland marks a baseline level of a few NFT or smart contract transactions per day, with the potential of more players boosting off-chain activity. ULAND NFT is held in just 536 addresses, based on blockchain data, a comparatively low number for P2E games. Despite this, Uland has not abandoned its product and continues to grow. 

What Comes Next for Uland

Uland is at a key stage in its development, aiming to tokenize the game with its second asset, XPLR. Based on the game’s roadmap, the new token will be added in October and serve as a constantly created and destroyed for in-game tasks. 

XPLR will serve as an addition to $ULAND, which has a fixed supply of 1B tokens. ULAND will serve mostly NFT owners and will be distributed as passive income, while XPLR will be the basis of a competitive battle system, inner marketplace trading, and in-game staking. 

XPLR is attractive for an upcoming airdrop to early bird game users that are active around the time of the token launch.

ULAND currently trades at $0.002, down 90% from its peak at $0.02, with low liquidity. ULAND may be more valuable as the game grows and progresses, while currently it mostly relies on PancakeSwap.

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