Untitled Platformer Offers Easier Access to Native Token

Untitled Platformer will bring customized NFT and grant additional earnings to character owners.
  • Untitled Platformer is a 32-bit game aiming at a wide multiplayer audience.
  • UNT token can be acquired from the game’s website to mint additional NFT characters.
  • Free to play available, but NFT ownership to grant more rewards.

Untitled Platformer announced improved access to its UNT token. Players that want to use the token can access and buy it from the game’s website. 


Untitled Platformer offers a retro multiplayer game with the goal of drawing in as many traditional gamers as possible. The MMORPG can be played as an idle multiplayer, but with the option to earn UNT tokens. Untitled Platformer returns to the 32-bit game look to tap the nostalgia gaming market.

UNT tokens are needed to buy or mint playable NFT characters, as well as in-game items. Holding UNT will bring passive income even when not playing the game, through a separate staking program. 

The reward mechanism is simple – players receive UNT when they are actively engaged, and start losing their balance when they stop moving. Additionally, players can loot and outcompete others for additional UNT rewards, or team up with other players.

Those who choose the path of P2E gaming can also increase their earnings by owning playable NFT heroes. Characters can be rented within the game, or also owned and even customized. The game may add the option of adding custom-generated pixel characters.

UNT Token Still Seeking Listings, No Official Trading Launch

Untitled Platformer is a project keen on security, with audited smart contracts and a known team. The goal is to make UNT more secure and to give proof of locked liquidity. The game also aims to bring a Web3 element into a completed game, instead of starting with NFT and tokens and delaying the actual game. 

UNT remains untracked for now, but this will not stop the token from serving its utility. Price discovery may arrive in the near future, after a Pancake Swap listing. For now, the game can be played without tokenization.

The game and its NFT market are still in the very early stages, first inviting players at the end of August. Currently, the exact game activity cannot be estimated. Untitled Platformer counts toward the recently trending gainers of 2022, with the potential to bring more mass adoption for Web3.

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