Vulcan Forged Builds Bridge for PYR Token Between Ethereum and Polygon

Vulcan Forged grows its ecosystem with Elysium network testnet. PYR token soon to have new bridge between Ethereum and Polygon.

Vulcan Forged will expand the ecosystem for its native PYR token, by building a bridge smart contract to Polygon and Ethereum. PYR will be easier to move between blockchains to make use of lower fees. 

The Vulcan Forged project announced the upcoming bridge just days after launching its Elysium testnet, with the goal of using it for its Vulcanverse games, as well as for partner projects. 

The launch arrived two days earlier than promised and sets the stage for the utility of a new LAVA token. The LAVA token is now being earned through the Vulcanverse, awaiting to become the tool for payments on the Elysium blockchain.

Vulcan Forged Wraps Up New Land Sale

The Vulcan Forged ecosystems has about 2,000 users per day, distributed among four games and a decentralized marketplace. Recently, the game also extended its map, adding the Troy multiverse collection of digital land.

The latest land sale is ending within a day, with metaverse land for all holders of at least 1,000 PYR. 

The VulcanVerse land NFTs are not on OpenSea, but the Vulcan Market carries 187 additional secondary offers for plots in the existing areas of the virtual map. Top land plots hold auction prices as high as 550 PYR.

The marketplace also holds collectible cards and playable characters for other games such as BlockBabies and GeoCats. The VulcanVerse has a total of 10 games with NFTs, though not all are precisely tracked for activity.

How PYR Token is Performing

PYR, like other play to earn tokens, is down nearly 80% from its peak. The asset suffers from a recent exploit that took away tokens from compromised wallets and led to selling pressures. 

PYR traded at $12.27, recovering slightly after a dip under $8. PYR is still closer to three-month lows. The latest recovery coincides with an overall positive performance from play to earn tokens, which added between 30 and 40% to their price after a serious drop in mid-January.

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