Wizarre Game Open for Early Access, Competitive NFT Airdrop

Wizzare launched near the end of 2022, with an internal NFT market that will derive value from the growth of players.
  • Wizarre launched its mobile app access, offering free-to-earn gaming.
  • All players earn SCRL tokens, which can be used to buy or upgrade Wizards.
  • Wizards, Land and Enhancements are the main type of NFT in the game.

Wizarre is a newly launched free-to-earn game with a turn-based artillery strategy. The game carries a fantasy theme, where players own and train a Wizard, then send it to battle other Wizards in a 2D battlefield. 

Wizarre has opened an event to encourage players to test its game and log wins, with the chance of receiving NFT for free.


Wizarre has been available for download since mid-December, so far accruing about 1,000 downloads. Wizarre uses Binance Smart Chain for its ownership and SCRL token transfers, aiming to offer even free players a token-based payout. SCRL tokens offer incentives for staking, to avoid liquidation on the open market. The game team aims to make the gameplay the chief goal, reverting back resources for NFT upgrades, breeding and winning tournaments.

After earning SCRL, for instance, players can stake the tokens and acquire tickets to a land airdrop or other events. The token is distributed to 3,038 addresses and may show the beginning of Wizarre adoption.

Wizarre Offers Character and Land NFT

Wizarre allows players to own Wizard and Land NFT. The game has a tool to generate new wizards, when owning at least two other Wizards and one piece of Land with a Portal. New Wizards inherit traits and abilities from the first selected pair. Wizards have a setup based on body parts and weapons, each one giving a unique chance in quests and battle. 

Summoning is performed through a special portal, requiring players to connect their wallet with the required NFT and mint a new Wizard. The game is thus play-to-own as well, and may attract NFT enthusiasts, who are already aware of wallet usage. Wizards can also be acquired on the marketplace for SCRL tokens.

A busy roadmap lies ahead of the game, with PvE and PvP modes coming next year. The game will also organize new Land sales and offer NFT staking. Wizarre will also build a direct NFT card exchange system, without going through a marketplace.

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