WonderHero Launches Game with Wonderbox Sale 3 Ending Soon

WonderHero launched its game on January 26, raising the requirement for skins and weapons to avoid multiple accounts.

WonderHero completed its P2E launch this week, and capped it with a new Wonderbox sale running until the end of the day on January 28. At the time of writing, the game had only 217 mystery boxes unsold on its official website.

The game is one of the latest additions with a completed mobile version. WonderHero is a turns-based RPG strategy game with NFT elements. 

The launch immediately pointed out a problem for the game, where low barriers to entry made users create multiple accounts. The NFT game adapted by raising the skins and items requirement to put a stop on abusing the tokenomics system. 

How WonderHero Play to Earn Works

WonderHero already issues its WND native token, hosted on Binance Smart Chain. WND peaked at around $8.90 at the end of 2021, and currently hovers around $1.03, sharing the volatility of new crypto assets. 

WND is a staking token, and the game will reward a new asset, HON, for in-game achievements. WND can be locked at predetermined intervals. The latest price crash followed the release of previously locked WND tokens. 

The WND price slump also followed selling after the news of the game launch wore off. In the future, WND is considered a promising metaverse token that can appreciate over time. WND staking periods also boost the production of HON. 

WonderHero also opens periods of NFT staking to produce more HON. To complete the circular economy, HON can then be spent on upgrading skins and weapons.

WonderHero Open for Scholarships

WonderHero is another game where scholarship hubs have formed, allowing new players to explore the metaverse without investing in items. Recently, GoMeta added a WonderHero scholarship program. 

Other scholarship hubs are adding the game as well, including Merit Circle, Metapac Guild and others for a total of 10 major guilds. The guilds will help boost the gameplay and underline the interest in WonderHero just days after its launch.

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