9D NFT Offers Play-And-Earn for NEMO Tokens

Airdrop active for 9D NFT until December 30 in one of the latest extended events.
  • Hack’n’slash game offers multiplayer mode with varied missions.
  • Defeat monsters to get NFT drops.
  • 9D NFT is a play-to-own game, soon to release native blockchain and wallet.

A new play-and-earn opportunity opens with 9D NFT, a new 3D art and battle game. The project is running its first airdrop, active until December 30, while aiming to build a Web3 hub for gaming and trading. 


9D NFT has been trending after its first early airdrop, which guaranteed at least 1 NFT per person. Now, the game is also among the most visited in the past 24 hours. 


The game is a complete fantasy-themed product, aimed at Southeast Asia. Besides the free-to-earn game that will distribute tokens to anyone, 9D NFT will exist in a complete crypto ecosystem with its own blockchain. 

How COGI Builds a Web3 Hub

The 9D NFT game will run through a newly created blockchain, COGI Chain. The game will also be accessible through a custom wallet, NEMO, which is open for testing and early signups. All elements, including the NFT marketplace, will be part of the wider Cogiverse. 

The game is also available for download through app stores, with more than 10K downloads on Google Play. This game follows the classic model of offering traditional free mobile access, with added ownership and token rewards.

Currently, 9D NFT is still relying on BNB Chain, but may plan a migration to its native network in the near future. The presence of a complex lore and high-grade animation also made 9D NFT one of the top games on BNB Chain.


The main gameplay of 9D NFT is to pick one of the many powerful Champions and set out on a quest. The game moves through varied structures and biomes, where players meet waves of enemies or game bosses. 

Some of the valuable looted items are also NFT, making 9D NFT a play-to-own game. Unused items can also be burned to upgrade other items and weapons. Some of the missions are also completed using the MOBA game mechanics. 9D NFT will collect a team of available players, allowing an even more dynamic gameplay.

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