Gameta Lines Up a Series of Giveaways, BNB Chain Events

Gameta Hippo Club will have a football-themed mint for an additional 6,666 Hippo NFT.
  • Gameta offers free access, as well as NFT renting.
  • The game moved most of its activity to Binance Smart Chain, to lower exposure to Solana ecosystem.
  • Gameta Hippos club may grant special perks and extra earnings.

Gameta, the mix of NFT club and free mini-game center, is now adding more incentives for Web2 players to also gain Web3 ownership. 

Gameta has an open Glory Pass airdrop open in the coming weeks. The project is now split between Gameta Official and the Gameta Hippos club, but there is still an attempt to onboard more NFT users.

More hippos are coming soon, in a football-themed mint. The new NFT issue is also in celebration of the collection’s move to BNB Chain.

The Hippo Club NFT holders can compete for additional benefits in all Gameta events, including an upcoming football-themed competition.

Gameta Gains Ground with BNB Chain Migration

Gameta, which offers most of its mini-games as free-to-play, also aims to optimize its blockchain experience. Adding BNB Chain makes the NFT and other items more accessible, while offering an alternative to the Solana blockchain. 

Gameta is gaining publicity by being curated as a prominent project within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. BSC is one of the more reliable chains, with access to a specialized NFT market. 

Using BNB Chain is also relatively easier compared to the Solana ecosystem, which requires a separate wallet. The Gameta user base is also reportedly growing. Formerly, Gameta marked above 200K users per day when busier. 

The game completed the shift to Binance’s ecosystem at the end of October, and will continue to add events to raise its popularity on the new blockchain. Gameta still carries more than 81K transactions per day, based on the latest reports of DappRadar.

The days after the migration are turning Gameta into a game worth watching for additional airdrops. Until December 11, Gameta is also a part of a new digital Web3 festival with a $5,000 prize pool.

The game also offers opportunities through a newly launched NFT renting pool. Players may try Hippo NFT, which grant additional perks and earnings for mini-games and challenges.

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