Airstack Web3 Toolset for Builders Links to Polygon, Lens Protocol

Airstack can query Ethereum and Polygon, and will add more data on wallets, apps or other Web3 interactions.
  • Airstack offers complex queries to blockchains, with AI-powered natural language requests.
  • Apps powered by Airstack leverage on-chain and off-chain data to create new apps and profiles.
  • Airstack will add more blockchains to its tracking services and offer more complex queries.

Airstack is turning into one of the important Web3 resources for developers, offering fast API and blockchain connectivity. Recently, Airstack expanded its services to Polygon and has added access to Lens Protocol.

Airstack works as an app that makes it easier to unite on-chain and off-chain data for using in other games or apps. 

Airstack Offers Natural Language Blockchain Searches

Blockchains, NFT trades, wallets are data-rich environments, which have been tapped for new types of research or apps. Trends, wallet movements or other events can be combined to seek value and potential, as well as to track performance. 

Airstack also offers AI-assisted natural language queries, which can connect blockchain and event data points. For now, the app reliably searches the Ethereum and Polygon blockchainsm, but may extend its reach to other blockchains. 

The ability to query blockchains is already used in live apps, creating social media content by tracking blockchain events. Airstack is already used in the new Jam app to create groups based on NFT ownership and collector status.

Airstack can also gather data across projects, creating user profiles tied to their blockchain presence. Airstack thus joins Livepeer in its ability to generate connections similar to social media, but with a Web3 focus. Airstack offers identity-based API, which can track a user’s data across blockchain games, Lens profiles, other ENS activities, as well as NFT marketplaces. 

New Features Coming to Airstack in the Coming Months

Airstack can also check for length of holding, and can be a source of data for snapshots based on wallet balances. Developers have even more direct access to API and blockchain history, as well as important events for each app. Airstack also allows for complex simultaneous queries, automating a process and making it easier for developers.

The full features for Airstack are expected by the end of 2023, with snapshot functions coming in May. Address aggregations, which line up wallet addresses based on selection criteria, is expected in the coming weeks. Proof of attendance (POAP) and webhooks may have a June launch.

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