Lens Protocol Updates Protocol for Web3 Social Media

Lens Protocol offers detailed documentation, as well as grant support for developer teams.
  • Lens Protocol incentivizes both creators and developers to build social media on Web3.
  • Lens Protocol runs on Polygon, offering building tools on a fast, low-cost network.
  • The composable SDK offers multiple forms of Web3 ownership and connectivity.

Lens Protocol is one of the emerging SDK providers, offering fast-track solutions to add Web3 features. Lens SDK is the new resource available to developers, used to boost the growth of Web3 social media. Lens Protocol offers content tokenization through NFT, with incentives for creators.

Lens Protocol aims to make the building of social networks as easy as possible, with pre-made code to connect apps to the blockchain. The goal is to build apps with social connection elements, while ensuring secure blockchain ownership. 

The Lens Protocol tools are composable, allowing projects to just add the Web3 features needed. 

Lens Protocol Adds Ownership to Social Media Events

Lens Protocol offers detailed documentation for developers and the possible features to build into Web3. Tokenized social media events are one of the available building blocks for new apps. Lens Protocol also offers grants for developer teams, with applications open. 

Follows, likes and the clout of a profile are also turning into Web3 resources. Unique tokens can be added for follows or for sharing a publication. Lens Protocol also offers tools which make the original poster the owner of the publication, with no way of infringing copyrights. Lens Protocol tracks original posting and ownership, making all shares linked to the original token, thus preventing content theft or unauthorized copying. 

The potential to tokenize likes and shares can also be used for monetizing content and for passive income. 

Lens Protocol relies on Polygon for its NFT and token records, using the blockchain for its low cost, speed, and reliability. The protocol itself offers a graph that tracks the relationships in a Web3 social media. 

Lens Protocol has already onboarded multiple apps, and shows a few thousand daily visits to its smart contracts. Most of the activity is tied to NFT resales, based on the Web3 social media activity. Lens Protocol hosts apps like LensTube, as well as others featuring images, NFT and other content like memes in RE:Meme, the on-chain NFT meme generator.

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