Animoca Brands Expands Web3 Game Collection, Adds NFT Mints

Animoca Brands is the hub for some of the most prominent games, offering enough resources to overcome the bear market.
  • The games in the Animoca Brands family are one of the most resilient in the P2E and Web3 space.
  • Animoca Brands will partner with Nissan Auto for car-themed NFT.
  • The gaming hub expands with new games and collections, ranging from Web3 to crypto-friendly.

Animoca Brands is one of the P2E and Web3 organizations with a wide-reaching strategy when it comes to games. Animoca Brands carries almost all types of P2E games, from one of its top games, The Sandbox, to simpler ones like Revv Racing. Animoca Brands also supports NFT projects and other Web3 startups, with the goal of offering a balance between fun and earning opportunities. 

Animoca Brands remains optimistic about Web3, as detailed in the speech of Yat Siu, the company’s cofounder. 

The investment hub is focusing on several areas, including almost pure crypto projects, but also Web3 gaming, where the blockchain component is seamless and less prominent.

Animoca Brands is also supporting NFT mints for hand-picked projects, including going through Sotheby’s auction house for some of the items. 

Additionally, Animoca Brands has partnered with Nissan Auto through one of its subsidiaries, Grease Monkey Games. The collaboration will produce a new type of utility NFT for the game Torque Drift 2.

The partnership recalls a previous branding effort, where Revv Racing produced some of the earliest and most valuable NFT based on Formula 1 cars. The partnership lasted for about a year, and briefly held the record for the most expensive NFT. 

Animoca Brands Expands Game List

Most of the games of Animoca Brands have proven resilient during the crypto bear market. One of the reasons is that the hub carries games with a free version, carrying conventional gamers. Splinterlands is permanently one of the top P2E games in terms of daily players, and the list includes hits like Crazy Defense Heroes, Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Galaxy Fight Club, Undead Blocks and many others. 

Animoca Brands is also constantly expanding its list of projects, helping boost their performance and outreach. The Crazos is the latest NFT collection to be added.

The growing list of games also shows that most projects manage to survive and build under bearish market conditions.

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