Crazy Defense Heroes: Attracting Players with Special Themed Tournaments

Crazy Defense Heroes (TOWER) is running regular seasons with new themes and NFT item drops.
  • Galvanic Clan Challenge now open, running until August 25.
  • The Sandbox runs special even to simulate a Tower Defense with new avatars based on CDH.
  • TOWER token remains around $0.003, 700 TOWER earned by top players.

Crazy Defense Heroes is one of the P2E games with a strong theme of tower defenses. The game keeps up its player count with special themed tournaments, adding more interest with limited events. Crazy Defense Heroes is ranked 39 on the Ethereum blockchain, with some of the transactions happening off the blockchain. 

The currently active defense theme, since July 22, is the Galvanic Season, with special lightning features.

Additionally, Crazy Defense Heroes has partnered with The Sandbox, in an event running until August 14. The event will offer an additional reward of $15,000 in SAND tokens. The challenge is for teams to use the Sandbox world editor, recreating a tower and making it resist waves of enemies. The Sandbox has created Crazos, a new avatar collection based on Crazy Defense Heroes characters, and will reward exclusive NFT to leaders in the challenge.

Crazy Defense Heroes is also attractive for valuable NFT chests, with a secondary market on OpenSea. Rare items with special game utility also feature within special themed seasons, and have asking prices as high as 0.5 ETH.

Joining a Clan on Crazy Defense Heroes

Despite the low reported activity on DappRadar, the game is actually drawing in groups of players. The chief strategy is to search for clans and join with the right prerequisites. Players can level up solo, but clans also share resources and can earn or open more valuable NFT mystery boxes.

The game offers specific clan missions with their own reward. Crazy Defense Heroes distributes tokens in batches, with top players receiving about 700 TOWER tokens. The game’s rewards are smaller after the bear market, but still offer appealing advancements. 

TOWER trades at $0.003, down from a peak of $0.14 at the end of 2021. The asset has remained stagnant for the past few months. This has decreased the usual game rewards to as low as $5 per month, leaving more players joining for fun and quests. TOWER has the advantage of multiple listings, which include KuCoin and multiple decentralized exchanges.

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