Aniwar Reaches Alpha Launch Stage, Opens Airdrop Campaign

Aniwar Ani creatures will define the success against enemies and in finding resources.
  • Aniwar is a mix of metaverse, adventure and battle game.
  • Own Ani creatures to battle hostile mobs or gather resources.
  • Join the test version for a prize of 15,000 ANIW tokens.

Aniwar is a nostalgic-style game offering exploration and building. Partially, Aniwar was inspired by Axie Infinity, but with added building and simulated farming mechanisms. Players need to rely on Ani, sentient creatures that explore the land and contribute to the ecosystem. 

The underlying theme of the game is not only building, but also participating into an ecosystem of growth. On the map, players need to find nine different natural elements and produce their equipment. 

Aniwar Brings New Round of Referral Airdrops

To popularize its potential as a new Web3 game, Aniwar still has an active airdrop for SANIW tokens, for the most active participants in its referral program.

The program lasts until January 10, with more chances to win for more tasks completed. 

Aniwar Builds Skilled Gameplay

Aniwar is not an idle game, instead relying on battle mode in the ecosystem. Despite its peaceful look, beware of Okra enemies or other creatures that will deal damage. 

Owning the right Ani creature may help with the battle and waves of hostile elements, but also in gathering resources.

The goal of Aniwar is to be a game for everyone, playable in small sessions throughout the day. Aniwar is entertainment-first, with added ANIW token earnings from either daily play or competitive leaderboards. The game has some similarities to Monsterra, Axie Infinity, Mobox and other creature-based games. 

Aniwar, however, will only issue a small number of NFT creatures, which will become even more scarce as the game progresses. Players will merge their NFT for a higher grade creature, thus limiting their number. 

The Aniwar beta release may be coming at the end of Q1, with more complexity in PvE and PvP. Land sale, item merge and other NFT features will arrive later. Aniwar may also launch its mainnet version in a few months. Currently, the game is still in early testing and available for free. However, some of the NFT Ani characters are on sale for as much as $150. 
Anyone launching the test version can also claim 15,000 ANIW tokens.

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