Axie Infinity Keeps Adding Mini-Games from Independent Teams

Axie Infinity aims to bring user-generated content, with small teams working on mini-games.
  • Axie Infinity Homeland is the long-awaited Lunacia farming game, out in Alpha for landowners.
  • Mini-games keep getting added, as well as small-scale tournaments.
  • Axie Infinity remains a top Web3 project, awaiting Origins Season 2 with significant changes.

Axie Infinity has added a feature not seen among other P2E and Web3 games. The Lunacia metaverse and Axie avatars are giving their design to independent teams to create subsidiary mini-games. While the Axie Infinity P2E model slowed down, the user-generated content took off. 

Axie Raylights was the first mini-game with an engaging crop-raising mechanic. More games were added to the mix, especially after the addition of home base images and mechanics. 

New Games Added in 2023

The most recently added game is a tower defense tug-of-war using the Axie avatars. The game is part of the Axie Builders program, bringing new teams to add to the main Sky Mavis game. 

The battle theme game is also present in Axie DoLL, or Defenders of Lunacia Land. The brawler and tower defense uses the same principle of being compatible with Axie NFT characters.

In addition to the small games, Axie Infinity Homeland is the first look into a progress arc of building a home base. The game is still tested in alpha mode, adding to the Lunacia experience. 

Axie Infinity: Homeland will grow into a larger simulated farming game based in the Lunacia metaverse. At first, the alpha version will be available for early land plot owners. Owning Lunacia land has been an option for years, though without the full capacity to build and earn other items. 

For most of the daily activity, the game is still mostly relying on its Origins version for drawing in the usual level of users. Around 10K players per day still visit Axie Infinity’s smart contracts, possibly more using the free app. There is still no announcement for the Origins Season 2, though there are smaller tournaments and independent e-sports events.

However, there are also hints that Season 2 won’t be a long wait and will arrive with more fundamental changes. 

Axie Infinity remains attractive for its rare NFT, as well as possibility to gain accessories for decommissioning less powerful and more common Axies.

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