Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Prediction (23.02.2022)

Axie Infinity (AXS) returned to expectations of growth after breaking above $82 on highest trading volumes in a month.

UPDATED 23.02.2022 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) had a turbulent month, moving between lows under $50 and a peak above $70. AXS failed to regain positions above $100, instead hovering around $51.35. With the advancement of Season 20 of the Axie Infinity game, AXS is expected to keep some of its recent recovered gains.

AXS still depends on the overall market performance of crypto assets, and new price shocks for big-ticket coins like BTC and ETH may affect the recovery of AXS.

UPDATED 01.02.2022 Axie Infinity (AXS) traded at $53.36 with a bearish trading attitude. The Axie game is beset with problems due to the rapidly dropping price of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) down to $0.005. The game has generated too much SLP and too many Axies, cutting into the rewards of players.

UPDATED 24.01.2022 Axie Infinity (AXS) continued to slide after the recent dip of Bitcoin (BTC) closer to $33,000. AXS erased 13% to $45.63 and turned more bearish, with uncertainty on possibly dipping to an even lower range.

AXS is now solidly bearish looking forward, though still 87% of AXS owners are in the money.

UPDATED 21.01.2022 Axie Infinity (AXS) sank toward $65 on an overall market crash, following a Bitcoin (BTC) dip to $38,000. AXS now faces more headwinds, despite Axie Infinity opening its new game session soon. AXS stood at $65.90, turning to a more deeply bearish attitude.

In previous recoveries, AXS hoped to get closer to $100 again, barring an overall bearish move for all cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity will test the effect of a new reward token balance scheme for the next game round.

Axie Infinity (AXS) recovered lost positions in a leap, adding more than 14% to its price in the past 24 hours. The rapid move created expectations AXS could regain positions closer to $100. 

AXS traded at $81.34 on Monday, up 14.82%, climbing with the highest trading volumes in the past month. The recent rally suggests AXS may be out of the slump, with potentially more active trading in the coming days. Trading volumes in the new business week moved above $700M in the past 24 hours, potentially signaling one of the regular price hikes with higher activity for AXS. 

AXS Price Prediction: Will SLP Also Recover

The price of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), the in-game reward token for breeding Axies, is a weak point for this play to earn ecosystem. SLP still hovers at $0.019, keeping stable after erasing more value from valuations of $0.03. 

SLP is being staked to mint an upcoming RON token, but so far, the asset suffers continued weakness with no signs of breaking out. 

AXS Price Prediction: New Game Developments

Despite price fluctuations, work continues on the Axie Infinity game. The team has expanded to a total of 100 experts, developers and artists. 

In two weeks, Axie Infinity will launch Season 20 for more active gameplay, with a new card balance and power rules. The new card balances for attacks and defense were voted by the Axie community.

The game will also have an improved card counter, to give an accurate expectation of the number of cards the other player has for each round.

AXS Price Prediction: Surprising Breakout Coming?

The Axie Infinity project has given way to more active games, both in terms of token activity and social media mentions. 

But the correction may be the precursor to a rally for AXS to further distance itself from lows. Chart analysts are already shifting their attitude on AXS, which may now move independently following the overall market correction. 

Social media volume may be misleading, as Axie Infinity has a different player backing in Asia.

Once again, Coingecko has singled out AXS and SLP as some of the most active coins in the region. The coming two weeks will have to show how increased social media volumes and the effect of updated gameplay.

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