Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Prediction (22.03.2022): How Season 20 End Will Affect Tokens

Axie Infinity works with a new balance of energy, giving less SLP per day for teams.

Axie Infinity is just a day away from wrapping up Season 20. After March 23, the game’s next objective will be the launch of Origin, a redesigned playing experience with 3D characters, new cards and a shift in attacks and defense powers. 

In the last day of the season, Axie players were close to 22K. Usually, there is a hiatus between seasons with a significant drop-off in players.

AXS Price Prediction: Can it Retain $50

AXS rose to $51.53, its mid-range price for the past month. Now, the question is whether AXS will retain that position and move to the next range. 

AXS may benefit from a trend where Bitcoin (BTC) is recovering in the past week, and there is talk of an altcoin season. 

Beyond being attractive to traders due to the potential for a breakout, AXS is one of the assets that can be staked for passive income. 

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Price Prediction

SLP, the Axie game reward token, has stabilized between $0.017 and $0.018. The asset is mostly pressured by its unfavorable mint-burn ratio, which does not improve with time and there are no working incentives to curb the supply of SLP. 

If the trend continues, SLP may look more bearish. Still, this asset is a low-priced token that is also sufficiently liquid to stage short-term rallies. 

According to recent reports, for each SLP burned, between 27 and 40 new tokens are produced. Because of the constant slide and selling pressure, as well as previous buyers at higher prices, about 96% of all SLP owners are in the red

The game’s balance has also shifted significantly since the peak days in the summer of 2021, with Axie teams earning much less SLP per day, and only through PvP. 

SLP also has diminishing utility in the game economy, as it is only used to breed Axies. But there are already more than enough characters. In theory, the Axie game has a mechanism of releasing Axies to generate land tokens, but this is also insufficient to lower the supply of both playable characters and SLP.

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