Axie Infinity: Getting Closer to Building on Land Plots?

Axie Infinity is still popular for rare or exotic NFT with exclusive cosmetic features.
  • Axie Infinity bought examples of home bases with production buildings.
  • The game is also almost ready for Season 2, with card, rune and other tweaks.
  • Axie Infinity has a lasting effect on the Philippines as a Web2 destination.

Axie Infinity: Origins has one more big promise to fulfill – the building of farms, resource buildings and a home base on the land. This will add a simulated farming feature to Axie Infinity, giving additional value to land. Currently, land ownership is tied to passive income in the form of AXS tokens. 

Farming and mining would introduce new resources to the game, in addition to the home base. The co-founder of Sky Mavis hinted at the launch of those features coming soon. 

The land announcement happens in the period between two seasons, where Sky Mavis seeks other ways for engagement and keeping value within the game. The home base will be a source of crops and allow for production and expansion.

The Axie team even hinted at the advantages and weaknesses of home bases depending on the different biomes.

Land production may also be tied to the value of plots, as the savanna biome is among the lower-priced. Axie Infinity land was sold relatively early during the NFT boom and some of the early plots commanded high prices. 

Axie Infinity Aims for Users to Return

Axie Infinity relies on exclusive or rare Axies to keep the most dedicated players and investors. The game has not returned to its peak activity from 2021, when it reached as many as 2.7M daily active users. Even now, rare Axies with Japanese features keep breeders and traders close to the game.

Despite this, Axie Infinity brought another year of blockchain growth, turning the Philippines into one of the hot Web3 spaces and a big market for similar games. 
Season 2 may be approaching, as Axie Infinity has already updated most of its features, altering cards, curses, runes, charms and other effects. Players are already organizing to study and pick the best cards for their teams. As with other seasons, there is enough time to de-craft Runes and Charms into Shards and carry them over to the next season.

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