Baseball Superstars 2022: New Rarity Costumes Coming in September

Baseball Superstars offers a high-grade game with mobile access and added tokenization through C2X blockchain.
  • Baseball Superstars extends the cult classic game model with a Web3 addition.
  • The game offers regular giveaways and quests to earn rewards.
  • Baseball Superstars 2022 is tokenized through the C2X blockchain, with a tradable token.

Baseball Superstars 2022 is taking the rarity play to a whole new level. The game relies on its graphics and rare NFT skins to drive its marketing efforts while retaining players. Baseball Superstars just added a set of new skins, while hinting at the upcoming image launch on September 6. 

The game hinges on mythological characters wrapped as cartoon players, with Bastet and Isis coming this September 6. Baseball Superstars holds annual seasons and adds a Web3 dimension to the cult classic game of 2012. 

Baseball Superstars has the advantage of a complex game available as a mobile app. The game holds regular upgrades, followed by activity periods. After August 31, daily game checking will offer a series of in-game rewards. 

Baseball Superstars centers around the selection and training of a baseball team, with regular tournaments to test the best player generation. The game offers a regular series of events, with almost daily perks and competitive opportunities.

How Earnings Work for Baseball Superstars

The process of recruiting and training will yield Silver and Golden Balls, an in-game resource. The items can then be swapped for BST tokens, native to the game. The tokens are fungible and can participate in trading. 

BST tokens exist on the C2X blockchain and can be swapped for C2X tokens, the network’s native assets.

C2X is specifically tailored to high speed for blockchain games, and attracts ready-made apps by supplying a seamless Web3 component. The network is creating a separate ecosystem, similar to Wemix or WAX, and has differentiated from older networks like Ethereum or BSC. Most C2X games are completed and offer mobile versions and a capacity for mass access.

The C2X token trades since April 2022, reaching a peak above $4.32. Currently, C2X trades at $0.83, relying mostly on the FTX exchange. 

The C2X blockchain is an example of a set of successful games that has also connected to the crypto infrastructure. Baseball Superstars is not a primarily NFT-based game, but it has a pathway to monetize in-game activities, though with additional steps.

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