Idle Luca: New Game with Onboarding Airdrops

Idle Luca offers airdrop lucky draw event, with more chances for active players.
  • Idle Luca with official app launch.
  • C2X ecosystem to migrate from Terra soon.
  • Airdrop open for new players until August 27.

Idle Luca is part of a series of games that are ready-built and offered as a mobile app. The game is in its presale stage, offering token bonuses and onboarding items, but has started its journey as free-to-play easy RPG.

To encourage adoption, Idle Luca is holding an open airdrop event with a lucky draw, running until August 27. Playing the game will add to the chance of winning prizes of C2X tokens.

Just a day after its launch, Idle Luca has around 5K downloads on Google Play, as the launch arrives a few months after being initially promised in March. Before that, the game tried a soft launch through APK for early adopters. Reviews from testers suggest some problems within the game, which now re-targets a new audience with the potential to win crypto assets. 

Idle Luca is part of a trend where new or existing games choose alternative blockchain ecosystems, outside of Ethereum and other established networks. Idle Luca will launch its tokens on the C2X blockchain, dedicated to gaming assets and similar to WAX and Wemix. This means Idle Luca will be one of the games with interesting rewards, but not necessarily tradable for other crypto assets, or cashed out easily.

C2X Ecosystem Brings Together Multiple Games

The Idle Luca game will thus use C2X native tokens, as well as ILT, an in-game asset that can be swapped for C2X. C2X is the more liquid asset, traded on the FTX exchange, Huobi Global, and other markets, currently at around $0.63. The asset started trading in April this year, and reached a peak above $4.30 before crashing to a lower range due to the overall crypto bear market.

C2X World is a hub for game launches with the additional feature of carrying NFT and tokenomics. The hub has a lineup of games, including Summoners War: Chronicles, Golf Star, Dear Ella and others. The games are anime-themed and target the market for Asian gamers. C2X will also migrate to a new network, as it has used the Terra ecosystem before the crash of LUNA.

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