Battle of Guardians Prepares for Token Airdrop

Battle of Guardians is active in pre-alpha demo for download and testing.
  • BSG tokens trade low but may offer early entry to the game with $5K giveaway pool.
  • Battle of Guardians hinted at alpha release almost ready for launch.
  • Game may offer multi-chain RPG experience with detailed battle mechanics.

Battle of Guardians is one of the NFT RPG games with detailed animation and development. Now, the game is also trying to achieve token adoption with a recently announced airdrop. BGS, the native token, can be used to test the game’s economy.

Battle of Guardians is a multi-network game, combining Solana and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token trading is distributed across markets specific to each blockchain. The game is currently available in demo mode, requiring a download. 

The Battle of Guardians (BSG) is a relatively recent addition to traded tokens. BSG has a value of $0.0022, down from initial price levels of $0.04. 

BSG is thinly traded on PancakeSwap and AscenDEX, and may be difficult to monetize after the airdrop. The free tokens may have more utility within the gaming ecosystem once the full beta release arrives. But the current giveaway is a tool to gain early access to P2E tokens with no initial investment. 

Battle of Guardians Hinted at Upcoming Alpha Release

The game is currently actively promoting its brand, preparing for pre-alpha release. Battle of Guardians has showcased some of its battle mechanics and is active in marketing its characters and brand. 

Battle of Guardians has hinted at releasing its alpha version soon, though without setting a deadline. For now, it’s been almost a month since the announcement.

The game has been around for months, though it skipped the peak time for P2E games. Now, both the game and the tokens will face some headwinds from a bear market and heavier competition among games. 

Yet Battle of Guardians looks like it has some of the elements of success, including advanced building and an engaging battle gameplay. 

The game is also yet to release its Fighting Points (FP) in-game asset that will be at the core of game earnings. Additionally, the Marketplace still has no collections and Battle of Guardians has not focused on NFT mints for now. In the future, the Heroes will be at the center of the game, with fusion to level up.

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