WidiLand Completed Phase 2 NFT Sale

WidiLand is an idle and competitive mode farming game with free version.
  • WidiLand completed another mint for 200 boxes with a $25 fee.
  • WidiLand prepares for more events to earn WIDI tokens or other prizes.
  • WidiLand is among the most in-demand farming games with competitive options.

WidiLand announced its Phase 2 of an Initial NFT Offering (INO), which would distribute 200 packages of land and game items. The new sale arrives after WidiLand released its Genesis Collection with access to some of the more influential NFT. 


The packages have a notional price of $25, sent through the Binance BEP20 network. Package allocation was based on active Solana wallets, though the NFT and items will not be received in those wallets. Participating in the INO will be a form of verification for those Solana addresses and they would be de-anonymized. 

WidiLand is live and already holding international tournaments. The game tapped the demand for idle or competitive farming games, similar to Sunflower Land. For WidiLand, the free version is available to onboard traditional gamers, with the option of owning NFT. 

WidiLand boasts of attracting as many as 450K players on the BSC version, while also aiming to tap the Solana community. The game is now preparing for more special events to draw in players with short-term earnings opportunities. 

WidiLand Offers Optional Token, NFT Value and Staking

WidiLand still supports WSO in its BSC and Solana form, as well as the native WIDI token. WIDI currently trades at $0.0016, depending mostly on PancakeSwap. Widi Soul (WSO) trades at $0.0004, as the high-supply inflationary token within the game. Both tokens can be bought for extra advantage in the game, if players choose to upgrade from the free version. 

The NFT in the game include six land biomes and 4 classes of playable avatars. Based on smart contract interactions, about 15 players per day move assets or perform other token-based operations. Some of the NFT lands or characters are hidden in treasure chests with an element of luck, also sold as their own class of NFT.

In late 2022, WidiLand became more active, climbing the ranks of most searched P2E and Web3 games. WidiLand may extend its special events, as those are one of the sources of WIDI earnings. WIDI tokens can then be staked for additional rewards. The game also organizes events with WSO rewards.

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