Bitbyte.Finance and ZKSync Offer Web3 Liquidity Tools

ZKSync and Bitbyte offer both technical tools and partnerships for bridging, liquidity and DEX and DeFi activities.
  • Bitbyte offers financial tools powered by ZKSync.
  • The ZKSync technology pack offers Ethereum security with fast, scalable L2 transactions.
  • ZKSync boasts 200 apps in its ecosystem, while inviting more developers with specialized tools.

Web3 building resources focus on several main features, including NFT minting and distribution, tokenization, and DeFi tools. Reliable DeFi tools and access to liquidity is one of the keys to successful Web3 apps that rely on the transfer of value. Bitbyte is one of the main products on ZKSync Era. 

Bitbyte is one of the tool hubs which focuses on the financial instruments side, while also adding partners to connect to liquidity hubs. Bitbyte also brings in projects with high-profile NFT collections.

Bitbyte itself is a liquidity hub, which also gives tools to third-party apps to build up trading pairs and liquidity. 

Bitbyte Powered by ZKSync

The Bitbyte ecosystem is powered by ZKSync, which is a Layer 2 protocol to scale Ethereum. The ZK stands for Zero Knowledge, or a form of transaction veiling that offers to make all transfers untraceable. ZKSync uses rollup technology, where most of the computation happens off-chain, and the final status is recorded on an Ethereum block.

ZKSync offers documentation for developers, guiding integration with frontend features, as well as calls to the blockchain and other tasks. 

ZKSync Era spent a significant time in the testnet stage, having spent a year improving its security. Some of the biggest existing projects have also pledged intentions to develop their products on the ZKSync Era blockchain, which inherits the security of Ethereum, but remains infinitely scalable. 

ZKSync Offers Full Web3 Toolset

ZKSync counts 200 projects toward its ecosystem, covering the most common types of Web3 apps. Those include DEX, wallet builders, infrastructure, payment processing apps, DAO, NFT, bridge features and more. 

The resource hub also offers solutions for new Web3 approaches, such as account abstraction and seamless integration. The tools allow developers to create new accounts and protect them with multi-sig technology, avoiding the loss of wallets. 

ZKSync also offers tools for governance, as well as multi-chain usability of apps. The toolset also includes CLI to deploy new projects, as well as tools to build smart contracts. All features on ZKSync are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, as well as with the entire Web3 ecosystem on Ethereum.

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