Cyborne Prepares for Tournament Edition 2 with Daily Multiplayer Slots

Cyborne offers a multi-platform game with global server access.
  • Cyborne achieved high-level social media exposure, but is now building its player base.
  • The game offers a free version, as well as integration with several blockchain assets.
  • Owning Omniaverse NFT may double the token rewards for Cyborne survival.

After the success with its first tournament, Cyborne is preparing for a similar event in early February. The game already established its presence among top Web3 games, with social media exposure and a growing player base. 

The initial tournaments will be limited to a shortlisted selection of players, and will be a relatively small event. The game is still at the beta stage, and is yet to grow for larger events. Despite this, Cyborne is ranked at the top based on its social media exposure. 

Cyborne has now accrued around 500 downloads through the Google app store, and is yet to catch up with other newly launched games. The game is targeted to all audiences, and features detailed 3D first-person shooter and survival. The goal of Cyborne is to also reach regular gamers, by streaming its tournaments or idle play on YouTube and Twitch.

Cyborne Offers Fun, but Also Multi-Token Earnings

Cyborne aims to be game-first, but also offer a chance to earn additional tokens. The game has added multiple payment tools with several available tokens. Players can earn in-game tokens BLOCK and SPHYNX, but also stablecoin USDT.

The potential earnings are part of the portfolio of Omniaverse, which carries Cyborne as one of its main games. Players with Apex Chain wallets can choose which token to receive as a reward when they join the game. The other link to Omniaverse are external NFT, which can be used as playable avatars within the Cyborne metaverse and even accrue additional income. Owning some of the Omniaverse NFT may double the BLOCK token reward in the Cyborne shooter game. 

Omniaverse is now an Ethereum-based project, after migrating from Binance Smart Chain in early January. This gives additional liquidity to the game and access to decentralized exchanges for ETH-based assets.

Cyborne is thus one of the newly arrived, highly finished games that is also attached to several tools from the existing crypto ecosystem.

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