Bladerite Opens Window to Register for Early Alpha Testing

Bladerite will bring a new game version in Q2-Q3.
  • Bladerite will choose the final participants in a test session after January 19.
  • The game is ready to play for free via Windows or MacOS download.
  • Bladerite will offer melee-style game with NFT, but will not be tokenized.

Bladerite is a new battle royale game with a fantasy theme with a free version, now entering its early testing stage. Join the hack’n’slash action with cold weapons by registering for the upcoming alpha test. The signup ends on January 19.

Bladerite is seen as a promising game for 2023, when it finally launches its open beta. The game earned a recent ABGA reward as one of the most promising game titles for 2023 in the play-to-earn category. The game team will select and notify the players to actually run the test, and a spot is not guaranteed.

Bladerite has showcased its potential game, which has a strong progress arc. The in-game NFT will be mostly cosmetic, instead of fundamental to performance. 

Bladerite combines a runner game with monster quests and one-on-one battles. One of the main gameplay modes includes 20 players competing for last man standing. The game’s main feature is the melee-style battle royale where all of the diverse characters compete. 

Bladerite to Introdice NFT with Game History

The game’s NFT can be owned, and offer an extra experience. Instead of just an avatar, each NFT can record the player’s history of victories and defeats. To have a higher chance at winning, players must find equipment crafting recipes, then collect the resources to craft a suitable weapon. 

In its current version, Bladerite is a PC and MacOS game that is ready to download and test, without earnings additions. After the tests are completed, Bladerite will release a new version, possibly in Q2-Q3, 2023. Bladerite does not plan to release a token in the future, remaining free-to-play. 

However, the action-packed game will still offer items that are also wrapped as NFT. Players can collect valuable items from the game and try to sell them on the internal marketplace, creating an organic game economy. Additionally, Bladerite allows players to join forces. Players with more assets can create mini-scholarships, where they pay others to play and then share prizes.

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