Koakuma Reaches IDO, Token Distribution Stage

Koakuma will add tokenization with the first trading pairs for $KKMA tokens coming this week.
  • Koakuma has already passed closed beta tests and may be getting closer to an official launch.
  • All NFT can be earned within the game, along with KKMA tokens.
  • KKMA will start trading this week on PancakeSwap.

Koakuma is a new medieval fantasy game, set in a high-action metaverse. Over the weekend, the game achieved some of its token sale goals, and switched to listing its new asset. At this point, Koakuma will still mostly work as a game-first project, since its token will be present only on PancakeSwap with limited liquidity. 


The token’s trading contract will be announced soon, after Koakuma completed its IGO through Gamestarter this weekend. The token will use the Polygon network, one of the go-to solutions for Web3 games, which is also appealing to crypto users. Koakuma will be a game to watch in 2023 for more tests and tournaments, and the potential to gain NFT items for various playing and leveling challenges. Koakuma has not launched any aggressive mints or collections, instead releasing the NFT as items received through playing.

Players will also use sKKMA, the token locked within the game, to upgrade faster, choose a Role and start challenging other players. Currently, the full capabilities of the game are not available, but the team has built a closed beta and a demo version.

Koakuma is also already offering tournaments, with the latest battle happening between January 7 and January 15, and the possibility of a new tournament arriving soon. The latest tournament used the Seedify game incubator to grow the game’s adoption and tap the still strong interest in P2E and Web3 games. 

What Makes Koakuma Stand Out

Koakuma will start out as a play-and-earn game, but the gains will not be limited to the KKMA token. The game has several types of NFT – equipment, runes and hero skins, which can be discovered within the game. 

Koakuma will also offer a mix of game modes, with PvE, PvP, exploration, and crafting. The items are part of the series of quests and battles with mini-bosses around the game’s detailed metaverse. Koakuma offers a modern look of the RPG fantasy model, with personalized characters and additional ways to alter skins.
After the full launch, players will also be able to form teams and join multiplayer battles. Koakuma joins a growing list of already developed fantasy RPG with a Web3 component, with a semi-realistic style. The game follows the trend of Tap Fantasy and The Treeverse.

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