Blancos Block Party Keeps Expanding Metaverse Art, Events

Blancos Block Party is a high-grade metaverse with an open world, editable by players, and with seasonal Party Passes.
  • Blancos Block Party offers new parties and a competitive earnings event until March 18.
  • The game will drop a new avatars designer collection on March 22.
  • Blancos Block Party offers daily quests for the chance to earn a unique NFT.

Blancos Block Party is one of the most detailed open metaverses, hinging on quality avatars with designer features and special editions. Now, Blancos Block Party is preparing for a new designer avatar mint, while opening up additional metaverse events and brawl locations. A renewed map is boosting active events for this fun-first metaverse game. 

Next, the Sirens collection by artist John-Paul Kaiser is dropping on March 22, with another set of exclusive 3D avatars. 

Blancos Block Party is also known for releasing regular themed or exclusive NFT for events such as the Lunar New Year. Blancos also encourages users to organize and sponsor parties with additional giveaways and collectible avatars. The latest user-generated event and party will run until March 18.

For now, the avatars remain one of the most impressive features, built on a classic vinyl figurine format in 3D. Blancos Block Party was also among the top hype projects in 2021, extending its influence despite market setbacks. 

Daily Quests and Party Passes Offer Earnings

Blancos Block Party has recently started adding limited earnings, based on pass-only parties and events. The game has also reached streamers for popularization. 

The goal of Blancos Block Party is first to be a fun game and achieve participation. The game has a daily challenge pathway, where players must complete daily or weekly tasks, with the chance to win an NFT. Party Passes, which are seasonal, grant additional earning opportunities, though P2E is not the main focus of the game and the reward is in the form of NFT.

Earnings may be available for several game modes, including runner games with puzzles and portals, collection of items, as well as a shoot-brawler. The game is also an open-world metaverse with sandbox functions, meaning players can organize terrains and build mini-games with parkour. 

Blanco’s Block Party also offers skins and swag, and skins are also tied to the main character’s attack skills and game performance. The game offers high-grade graphics in a skill-based PC game, with an advantage over other 3D metaverses.

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